Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

URD has no better friend than our buddy, “Bill” (aka “bw”). Bill, you’re our ship’s rudder – the guy whose comments enlighten us, entertain us and keep us honest. We hope your birthday is your best ever… filled with good health, pretty boys, great friends and every happiness. We’ve been secretly hoping you you’d find a new “furry friend” for your birthday… but with or without a four-legged companion, we hope your day is blessed and joy-filled. xoxo David, Ben, and the gang.

Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

October 18th is a very special day for us because it’s the birthday of both the newest member of our Northland gang “Chance” – and one of URD’s dearest friends “bw.” We’ll celebrate Chance’s big day at the Lake this weekend and bw’s here.
Bill, you’re one of the pillars that keeps UnrulyDude standing. You’re among our dearest long-term friends and your knowledge of gay porn (and a vast variety of other things) is a big part of what keeps the blog going. We hope this will be your best birthday ever – and that the coming year brings you good health and every possible happiness. We love you! xoxo David, Ben and the gang.

One of the many things our kids have taught us is that if you’re gonna have a birthday party, you’ve gotta have games to play. With that in mind, here’s a little game for bw”s birthday.
There are 12 sets of pics in this post… each representing one of the “TAGS” on the right side of the page. The game is for you guys to name the TAGS for each set of four photos (pics #1 – #4), (#5 – #8), and so forth – down to (#45- #48). We’ll give you a couple to get you started. We would TAG Pics #1 – $4 “Asian” and pics #45-#48 “WHOA.” That leaves 10 sets of pics for you guys to “TAG”.
First guy to get all of them right gets their choice of any dude from this collection they want – AFTER our “birthday boy” makes his pics 😉

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, “bw.” Happy birthday to you!

October 18th is a very special day for all of us on UnrulyDude. It’s our excellent friend “bw”‘s birthday and we’re sending our best wishes for good health and happiness.
Thank you, bw for being one of our best and most loyal friends.
Here’s a toast from all us us on URD:
“May your journey through life be clear sailing, and may every port you reach be paradise. Happy birthday!”
David, Ben and the Northland gang