Happy birthday, dear Bill… Happy birthday to you!

Bill… it’s your birthday and we want to wish you all life’s best as you set off on another trip around the sun. You’re a dear friend and a very important part of our UnrulyDude family. Your knowledge of porn pups (and many other things) – and your genuine affection for the members of our little Table Rock gang mean more to us than you could possibly know. We hope you’ll enjoy an icy vodka martini while you look through these pics. Thank you for all you do for URD… and Happy Birthday. We love you. David, Ben and the gang

Putting this post together was great fun – but somewhat difficult. Beto sent us enough pics for a full post for Bill’s birthday… and Ben and I both have huge “bw birthday” folders. So, we picked just a tiny part of our “bw pics” and hope we got it right. Beto’s selections are wonderful and on-target as usual. There are 24 pics from Beto, 12 from Ben and 12 from me in this set. THANK YOU, Beto!
We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that today is Chance’s 10th birthday. He’s a really great kid and we love that he’s a part of our Table Rock family. It’s guys like bw and Chance that make us believe things will turn out well, no matter what!
Ummm. and by-the way, here’s a link to a clip we thought our birthday boy might like. The plot is contrived, but the guys are delicious:


From Beto for his mates – part one

A couple of weeks ago, our buddy Beto e-mailed us sets of pics for each of his “mates.” There are pics for Bills, Brad, bw, Denny, Fred, Jingle, Kent, Larry, Phil, Ray and Tim. Since there are so many, we’ve chosen 8 pics from each set and will put the rest in our “birthday folders.” Since Beto sent pics for eleven guys, we’ll be adding a set of pics for our mate “Beto.” That makes 12 sets of 8 pics – or 96 in total. We’ll be doing two posts of 48 pics each. Thank you, Beto. The pics are wonderful and we love you for all you do for UnrulyDude! In alphabetical order, here we go…






Incidentally, Beto didn’t forget you, Alexander. He just said “As far as I recall, Alexander has never shared anything about his taste, so I didn’t collect pics for him.”
xoxo David and Ben

Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

It’s October 18th and it’s our friend Bill’s (bw’s) birthday. Happy birthday, babe. You’re one of UnrulyDuds’s anchors… the guy we depend on to identify the porn pups in our posts, point out things we’d otherwise miss (like multiple door locks), and guide us (and cheer us on) as we raise our kids in a crazy world. We hope your special day brings you good health, good friends, happiness and maybe (?) even a new furry friend to keep you company. Thank you for all you do for URD – and for being our friend. We love you. David, Ben and the Table Rock gang

When we thought about bw’s birthday post, we thought about what he likes most. Ummm… let’s see… hairy boys, fat willies, fuzzy butt cracks, Asian lads, pretty eyes and porn pups are among the mix. So we’ve tried to include some of each in this post. We hope we’ve checked quite a few of the boxes.
We want to mention that today is also Chance’s birthday. He’s a great kid we all love. Alex said they asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said “fish tacos!” That got a big laugh, but we’re all planning to get together tomorrow evening for his 9th birthday party. There’ll be presents and singing to go along with fish tacos, birthday cake and hand crank ice cream.
Happy birthday Bill and Chance!!