… it’s another report from La casa de Dub en el lago

Ben gave you a guys a report on our Friday at the cabin, so I thought I’d tell you a little more about the weekend. After breakfast on Saturday, we loaded the boat and got ready for a day on the lake. Before starting out, we needed to teach Erik to ride the wakeboard. We let him try starting off the dock a few times and (with lots of instructions from Dub and Austin) he mastered it pretty quickly. Then, we spent the entire day on the lake. We’d ride for a while – then stop at a quiet cove and swim – then ride some more. All the guys skied and the boys had great fun wake boarding. We stopped for lunch at the “Floating Cafe” at Indian Point, which the boys thought was awesome because… well… it was “floating.” We didn’t get back to the cabin until after five o’clock and we were all pretty tired. We’d brought crappie filets to cook on the grille, so Keon and I started cooking while Rick made a salad and the guys took turns in the shower. We had a great fish-taco dinner on the screened porch (with fresh salsa Alex and Dub had made with tomatoes and chilis from the garden). The boys were asleep in the upstairs loft within an hour or so after we ate.
Alex and Callum had made a big pitcher of margaritas that we’d been drinking before and during dinner and, after the boys went to bed, Keon broke out some home-made snacks (with some of his ‘special greens’). We were all mellowed out and sat around talking. Before long, everyone headed to bed. We have enough day beds and loungers for all six of us to sleep on the screened porch, so that’s where we headed. Ben and I snuggled and kissed for a while, and, before I knew it, he (and the other guys) were sound asleep.
For some reason, I wasn’t sleepy, so I quietly got up, slipped on my flip flops and walked down to the dock. I stood around listening to the sounds of nature and the lake for a while… then got in the boat – pulled a beer out of the cooler – and sat in the back. In a little while, I heard someone walking on the wooden ramp to the dock. I looked up and saw Callum standing on the dock grinning at me. He asked, “Is this a private party?” I said, “Nope. Why don’t you come aboard?” He did… and we sat and talked. I said, “You’re amazing with Austin. I’ve never seen him open up to anyone like he does with you – except Dub, of course. He thinks you’re awesome.” Callum thought about it, then said, “Alex told me the scars on Austin’s legs are from cigarette burns. Is that true?” I said, “It’s what Ty and Damien were told when they adopted him.” Callum said, “I’d like to get my hands on the bastard who did that.” I agreed with him. After we’d both had another beer, Callum said, “You know, Austin and I sort of have something in common. I haven’t told anyone about it – not even Alex – but I’ve never met my bio father. He got my mother pregnant and disappeared. She said she had been in love with him, but when he found out she was pregnant, he went away and she never heard from him again. Then, later, she met my “dad” who is from Australia, and they got married. He’s a great guy, and he adopted me… then we moved to Australia. Thanks to my mum and dad, I have a great life… but I kind of hate my bio father for abandoning my mother and me.” We talked a while longer and then walked back up to the cabin. Ben didn’t even wake up when I crawled in bed and wrapped him in a big hug.
That was the first time I’d really talked with Callum and I like him even more now than I did before. We didn’t talk about Alex and him… but I really hope they’re going to be long-term together. They’re great guys and an important part of our little family.

And… we’re back from La casa de Dub en el lago

We had a wonderful weekend with our friends at the new cabin on Table Rock Lake. David and I loaded up Dub, Erik and Austin and headed out about 10:00 Friday morning. The boys were totally excited and jabbered all the way to Springfield. We had lunch at Steak ‘n Shake – then went to Pizza House to pick up dinner for Friday evening. I ordered five large par-baked, carry-out pizzas… and while we were waiting, Dub said, “We need to order one more.” I said, “Dub, it’s a lot. We’re having salad and pizza and five large pizzas is plenty.” He said, “We need one more so we can have Jim and Carol over for dinner.” So, of course, we ordered one more… and headed to the lake with three excited boys and six large pizzas.”
It was almost 4 o’clock when we got to the cabin. The first thing we did was coat the boys (and ourselves) with sunscreen and insect repellent. Then, Dub wanted to take Erik and Austin over to meet Jim and Carol. So, they headed out… Dub carrying Carol’s pyrex (full of a brisket David had smoked for them)… like it was a plate of gold. David and I busied ourselves getting everything set up while the boys were gone. In a while, we heard them running back… laughing and acting silly. When they got to the cabin, Dub said, “You should see Jim’s garden. It doesn’t have any weeds now” and “Jim and Carol are coming for dinner.” And, “Can we go swimming now?”
So, I took the boys down to the dock and made them put on their life jackets… and we swam and messed around until we heard cars at the cabin. We got out of the water, dried off, and went back to the cabin. Rick, Keon, Alex and Callum were all there… spraying themselves with sunscreen and bug spray… and unloading all the stuff they’d brought.
Jim and Carol came over and Keon and Rick made a huge salad and we baked the pizzas and we (adults) drank a whole bunch of beer while the kids drank Mountain Dew (their choice)… and we all got acquainted with the new neighbors. The only thing said about us was Carol (after a couple of beers) who said, “You boys know, you’re breaking a lot of young girls’ hearts, don’t You?” We all just laughed.
We had a lot of pizza left over, but I was pretty sure the boys would finish it before the weekend was over. It was a really good Friday… and we knew we had a lot of weekend adventures ahead.