Dude. You up for a bit of monochrome merrymaking?

A couple of quick things. First, special thanks to “Bill s” for recognizing the “upcoming 5th anniversary of our URD-REBOOT (after Blogger closed “us” down).” Yesterday, he commented (in part), saying: “CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! As a fan, this makes me VERY HAPPY! Let’s have a P A R T Y !”
We LOVE you, Bill!
And, speaking of comments, if you haven’t seen Tim’s comment from yesterday on our “Thanks for remembering, bw” post. Be sure to check it out. It’s one of the best comments in the five year history of UnrulyDude. THANK YOU, Tim. You’re awesome!

Hey, guys. It’s Callum. I asked David if he’d be doing a post today that I could tag on to. He said, “Sure. What kind of post would you like?” I said “Your ‘mono’ posts have always been my favorites.” So, a little while later, he pre-posted this. Thanks, David!
Izzie continues to be a wonder. She, Alex and I have settled into our family routine and she’s obviously a very happy little girl. She prefers wearing ball caps, jeans and baggy sweatshirts, but she also likes getting dressed up for church, Sunday brunches and special occasions. She loves Pam’s daycare and jabbers constantly about Dub, Travon and her friend Kylie. She’s still going to Mr. Martinez’ with the boys for Spanish tutoring and we’re thrilled about her progress. Dub kept talking to us about “chores,” so we made a list of things for her to do around the house. She puts her toys away… empties the trash can in her bedroom… makes her bed (well, kind of – Alex or I help)… and brushes her teeth (with a little supervision). We have a checklist on her bedroom wall and mark things off before reading at bedtime. She “skypes” with her grandparents every Sunday. The big news is that my parents will be moving to KC the first week in April. My Mum says they’re “not about to let our granddaughter grow up without knowing us.” Alex and I have been working with the people over at Briarcliff getting their condo ready. They’ve arranged to lease out their home in Australia, so we’re thinking it’ll be a permanent thing. We’re excited about having them nearby and know they’ll be an important part of Izzie’s life. Alex and I are excited that they’ll be here to help with our daughter (and let us have some private time). We’re already planning some loud, nasty full-house sex 🙂
We follow URD every day and continue to post videos on the tumblr blog. Hope you guys like the stuff we’re posting over there!
xoxo Cal and Alex

Sock it to me!

We spent a lot of time with Alex while Callum was in Australia making arrangements to bring Bella home. We helped him get everything settled in the new villa… helped him paint Bella’s room, went with him to pick up her furniture, etc. He was lonely and needed to be around people and we always love spending time with him. We were talking one afternoon and he said, “I guess you never really know a person until you get married and move in together. One thing I learned about Cal was that he’s really into socks. I mean, really, really into socks. When we moved, we were putting stuff away and he had enough socks to fill a whole drawer. I mean, TONS of socks. Which is cool with me… I just didn’t know. I started sort of teasing him about it and he said, ‘Hey, bub. How many pair of underwear do you figure you have?’ So, we took them out of the boxes and, sure enough, I had enough to more than fill another whole drawer. We started laughing and throwing socks and undies at each other and ended up with a big pile of them on the bedroom floor… and, before we knew it, we were naked and fucking on the floor in the middle of the pile. It was awesome and I’m sure we’ll never forget that silly, special time together.”