The better to hear you with!

Back in December, 2015, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“Anthony mentioned (among other things) #47’s ears!! I’m still thinking a post focused on ears (pierced or not) could be fun…”
We did an “Ears” post then – and have been collecting pics ever since. Hope this little auditory adventure is a much fun for you as it is for us!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I talked with Ben yesterday evening and asked him if he’d do a post I could “tag-on” to. He said “Sure. Since you’re gonna be talking about Chance’s hearing, how about an ‘ears’ post’?” I told him that sounded appropriate 🙂
Here’s an update on Chance’s hearing. It’s been three weeks since his implant was turned on and his progress is amazing. We took him for a check-up with his medical team yesterday and they said everything “looks perfect.” We talked about his training with Roberta, Dub, Alex, Bella and me (and the Northland gang) and the lead-doctor said not to change a thing we’re doing.
Here’s an interesting thing: On Sunday night after we’d been over at Keon and Rick’s place for the Chiefs-Titans game (and fireworks afterwards) I went into his room and he was playing on his I-Pad… wearing his ear muffs. I said “Hey, bud. What’s going on with the muffs?” He took them off, then grinned and said “I really like that I can hear now, but sometimes there’s too many sounds. I like to shut them off for a little while.”
We mentioned that to his medical team and they said it was a normal reaction and not to be concerned about it. He’s a champ and we’re sure he’ll be fine!
On another subject, my Mum and Dad will be arriving back at KCI Saturday. We’ve skyped with them several times while they’ve been in Australia and they’ve really missed the kids and are looking forward to being home. They have been devastated about all the fire damage down there and are furious about the Prime Minister’s refusal to make policy changes to combat climate change. Mum says “he’s a greedy, ignorant asshole – just like Trump.” One things for sure about my Mum… she’s always happy to share her opinions 🙂

Dudes… Briefly… (rated “G” – all audiences)

This morning, Cal texted us and asked if we’d do a post for him to tag on to. The problem is, we wouldn’t want to do a gay sex post and risk having Denny see it by accident. So, Ben suggested doing a g-rated “undies” post. Seemed like a good idea, so here you have it. A bunch of dudes “briefly stated.” Hope you guys enjoy these pics while we’re waiting for Denny to get good news from his blood test 🙂

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. This will be short, but I want to let you know where we are on Chance’s adoption. Alex and I met with our attorneys yesterday morning and things are looking good. The hearing is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. next Tuesday. Our attorney has secured an “unconditional termination of parental rights” from the “mother” and the grandmother (through her court-appointed legal guardian). We have DNA test results from both the mother and grandmother confirming their relationship to Chance. The Department of Social Services has done their final “in-home evaluation” and has already filed a “notice of no objection” with the court.
So, yesterday evening Alex and I talked with Chance about adoption for the first time. We told him we were pretty sure he would become a “forever” part of our family next Tuesday. We also told him he’d need to talk to the judge at the hearing. He asked what he should say to her. I signed, “Chance. You know what it means to ‘Tell the trust’ don’t you?” He said “Of course.” I told him if he just did that everything would be fine. He and Bella just kept giggling and smiling from ear-to-ear.
We really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully it won’t be long now!

Dude. You can leave your socks on!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I asked David and Ben if they’d do a post i could tag on-to… and, like magic, here it it.
I wanted to bring you up-to-date on what’s going on with Alex, Bella, Chance and me. We’ve been busy. Bringing Chance into our home has been an absolute JOY… and, honestly a bit taxing as well. Going from just Alex and me to a family of five (four plus “Cookie”) has been a major transition!
Roberta has been with us for a while now and she just keeps saying she can’t believe how fast Dub and Chance have learned sign language. She says it took her a while to catch on to what Dub was doing… it seems he’s been teaching Chance the Spanish word as well as English for everything they learn to sign. So, when they learned to sign “hand” they also learned it was “mano” in Spanish. Chance is crazy about Dub and they’ve become great friends.
“Cookie” has officially adopted Chance. She no longer sleeps in her crate – just gets in bed with Chance every night and that’s all there is to it. They’re never far apart.
We took Chance to the St. Luke’s Ear Institute and had him evaluated. They say he’s a good candidate for cochlear implants… but, of course they can’t do anything for him because we’re “only his foster parents”. The State says they can’t authorize “significant medical procedures” unless/until they have parental approval – and they haven’t been able to locate Chance’s parents.
Long story short, we’ve gotten our attorney involved and she’s recommended we hire a private investigator to try to locate Chance’s mother. We’ve done that and we’ll keep you posted.
Meanwhile, we’re all headed to Table Rock this weekend. The kids are super excited about it and Alex and I think a few days in the Ozarks just may be the break we all need. Stay well and happy.
xoxo Callum and Alex (and Bella and Chance and Cookie 🙂 )