Happy Campers!

On Monday, our buddy (and Requester-in-Chief) “Bill S” commented, saying: “But then again maybe we should go camping before the snow flies. Yes I’m crazy — You made me that way!”
Well, the nights here are a bit cold for a camping trip – but David and I have been talking about organizing a “float trip/camping trip” down on the Elk River next Spring. I’ve done lots of canoeing but David has never been – so I’m thinking maybe we can get Ethan and Kevin and Keon and Ricky (and maybe a few more guys) together for an outing. Something to look forward to while we’re shoveling the drive and sidewalks this winter.

Dude, Look. Unruly Campers!!

Had a comment from our buddy, “Bill S.” saying: “I like #17 because of the “camping” fantasy. Hey Buff, that would make a fun post: Unruly Campsites!”
I, of course, loved Bill’s idea. I’ve gone to the “Midwest Male Naturist Gathering” several times. It’s about 200 naked gay dudes who camp out from Wednesday until Sunday one week in June… and it’s a blast. There’s every age group with some really hot guys… camping out and doing what nekid gay guys do. If you live anywhere in the Kansas City area (or even if you don’t), you should check it out. Their website is:
So, being an experienced nekid, camper, this post was A lot of fun to put together. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill… and happy camping!!