Dude. You wanta go for a “ride”?

Cock suckers ‘n cars!

We recently received an e-mail from our buddy, “Jingle,” saying:
“Hey Buff!!
Random pic off the Internet that totally turns my crank!! Thought y’all might like it, too!! Do you consider it post-worthy??…
Love ya, babe!! John”
The pic he sent is #1 in this post. #48 is an extended view of the same pic. Of course we think it’s “post-worthy.”
We’ve done quite a few “car” posts over time, but never one devoted exclusively to “cock suckers ‘n cars”. So, here you have it. A little gift for our favorite “cock-sucking connoisseur.”
And, by the way, babe. Happy (belated) birthday to Fritz. And thank-you, Beto for remembering Fritz’ special day.

Fuck, yeah. F.C.C.O.