W H O A ! W O F F ! Y U M !

Commenting on yesterday’s post of “Marcos Gomez” pics, our buddy Jingle said:
“While we’re on the topic of “Porn Pups”… Some time ago, you invited us to submit the name of our favourite porn pups!! I submitted Derek Parker!!… And you VERY quickly and graciously gifted me – all of us – with an outstanding post of his pics!! May I give you the name of another dude I’d REALLY like to see, collected and curated, in one spot?!?!… Carter Jacobs”
Unlike “Marcos” who (as of now) has only two photo sets on-line, “Carter” has literally thousands of pics all over the web. He’s worked for Chaosmen, FraternityX, MaverickMen and possibly more. With so many pics from which to choose, we had a rough time deciding what to include in this post. We finally decided to concentrate on solo shots – plus some from his “Edge” scene with (you guessed it) “Ranson” sucking his dick.
Thanks for the suggestion, babe. This was fun!