Thinking about our friend “Beto”

We had an e-mail last week from Beto, saying (in part) “Cléo my little furry sister” passed away this morning. She was 18 years old and had cancer and couldn’t make it through another surgery. We’re devastated by this separation, but will try to find strength in the countless happy memories we have of her. I’ll be off for a while.”
Those of us who have lost beloved pets know what they’re going through, and understand there’s nothing we can say or do that would really help. Of course, this immediately makes us think of Jingle and Bill and others (including David, Dub and me) and the sadness of losing a special pet/friend. Please join us as we think of them and send our love.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Beto. Happy birthday to you!

David put together Beto’s birthday post last year and here’s what he said:
“It’s Beto’s birthday and it’s, like a holiday here on URD. A totally special day… for a totally special friend. Beto, thank you for your insight and comments. Thank you for strengthening and encouraging us. Thank you for bringing us together and helping us to be a stronger family. We love you, baby. Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!”
I can’t say it better than that!

Every year we have a bit of a quandary about how to handle the celebration of both Beto’s and Tim’s birthdays on November 28th. This year we decided to split up the honors. We literally flipped a coin and I won Beto’s and David won Tim’s. We wanted to have the posts up early, so I’m doing Beto’s today and David will do Tim’s tomorrow.

Check it out, dude. Cute shirtless boys with cats!

Back on October 13th, our friend Roberto commented, saying:
“As I’m writing this comment to share things… Remember that I said that here cats are associated with beauty? Well, I came across a Brazilian website where there was a link to this blog: . Maybe you already know it, I have no idea, but what I know is that it’s an absolute safe place whenever you wanna find a pic that makes Jingle go “Awww…” — just pure cuteness! (I guess it’s my tender side speaking here…) Love, Beto.”
Ben and I looked at the blog and agreed that, even though we’re both “dog people,” there are some really CUTE boys there. We did some searching and found several blogs featuring boys with cats – including one with the address, “”
Then Ben came up with the idea of “Cute shirtless boys with cats”… so that’s what we have here.
This is the first “cats” post we’ve ever done – so thanks for the idea, Beto. We think it’s great fun… and no matter how much Jingle loves his “Fritz,” we’re betting some of these will make him go “Awww.”