The saying of sacred vows.

Continuing our new series of “colors” posts, it’s time for my hubby’s favorite color… “Blue.” I swear, if David had his way about it, everything would be blue (I know all his socks and undies are). “bw” says blue is his favorite color, too… “but not navy – sort of medium blue.” Hey, babe, is that “sort of medium blue” on the dude in pic #!? (Or maybe #3?) 🙂

Guys… it’s real late and I’m really tired… and I have a LONG day ahead tomorrow – ending with chairing a faculty meeting on how our school will deal with COVID-19 if (when?) it reaches us.
Anyway, I want to tell you about Chad and Raef’s wedding while it’s still fresh on my mind.
The entire Northland gang went to the lake Friday afternoon/evening. Keon and Rick stopped at Pizza House in Springfield to pick up pizzas for everyone. David, Dub, Cal, Alex and I made a huge salad, and Jim and Carol brought desserts. We had a fun evening and everyone headed to bed early.
We had excellent weather on Saturday and everyone was calmly getting ready for the wedding. Everyone except Dub, of course, who had a million things to do. Most important among them was making absolutely certain that everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – was wearing a white shirt (or blouse in the case of Bella and the other ladies), a red necktie and red suspenders. Everyone did.
The wedding was at 2:00 p.m. Saturday in Ty and Damien’s new “cabin”. I was tempted to tell you about the “cabin” but it’s late and I’m tired… so I just sent Alex a text and asked him if he’d “tag-on” to a post sometime later in the week to tell you all about it. He texted back and said he’d be happy to do that – so we’ll get to that in a few days.
Saturday morning, we moved most of the furniture out of the cabin’s “great room” and set up 50 folding chairs. By the time the ceremony started, every chair was filled and there were a few people standing. A Unity minister came from Springfield to preside at the ceremony… Dub was Chad’s “best man” and I served as “best man” for Raef. Cal was in charge of music (recorded) and Tra took hundreds or pics while Pop-pops made a video.
The ceremony began at 2:00 p.m. sharp with the minister saying a few words before Chad and Raef recited their vows. After they’d done that, the minister said “Raef and Chad want to include their new son in this service . Mateo, would you please come up and join us?” Matty just sat in his chair staring at his hands (or maybe his feet?). After a minute or two, Dub went over and whispered something in his ear. He looked up and grinned – and Dub took his hand and walked him up to where we were standing. When he got there, Chad took his hand and said “Matty, we’re so happy to have you as part of our new family. We promise to love you and take care of you and make sure you have a happy home.”
After that, Raef dropped down on one knee and looked Matty in the eyes and said “Matty. I’m real glad you and me and Chad are a family now. I promise to take care of you and teach you about dogs and huntin’ and fishin’ and stuff. And I promise to make you the kind of home I always wished I had when I was a kid.”
Then, Dub handed the minister the rings and Chad and Raef exchanged theirs before turning to Matty and sliding his own ring on the 4th finger of his left hand.
We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening partying and celebrating and having a grand time. Matty spent the night with David, Dub and me – while Chad and Raef “honeymooned” over at their favorite fishing village. It was a splendid wedding!