Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

It’s October 18th and it’s our friend Bill’s (bw’s) birthday. Happy birthday, babe. You’re one of UnrulyDuds’s anchors… the guy we depend on to identify the porn pups in our posts, point out things we’d otherwise miss (like multiple door locks), and guide us (and cheer us on) as we raise our kids in a crazy world. We hope your special day brings you good health, good friends, happiness and maybe (?) even a new furry friend to keep you company. Thank you for all you do for URD – and for being our friend. We love you. David, Ben and the Table Rock gang

When we thought about bw’s birthday post, we thought about what he likes most. Ummm… let’s see… hairy boys, fat willies, fuzzy butt cracks, Asian lads, pretty eyes and porn pups are among the mix. So we’ve tried to include some of each in this post. We hope we’ve checked quite a few of the boxes.
We want to mention that today is also Chance’s birthday. He’s a great kid we all love. Alex said they asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said “fish tacos!” That got a big laugh, but we’re all planning to get together tomorrow evening for his 9th birthday party. There’ll be presents and singing to go along with fish tacos, birthday cake and hand crank ice cream.
Happy birthday Bill and Chance!!

Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” check on the Fore and Aft !

Hey, all. It’s Cal. I sent a text to all the Northland gang and asked if any of them had a post ready-to-go that I could tag on to. Rick responded immediately, saying: “I have a “Fore and Aft” post ready if that’d work. I said “Sounds perfect,” so here you have it.
I want to give you a report on our (long) weekend at the Lake and Chance’s birthday. We all went down to the cabins on Friday so we’d be there for the big celebration. Dub, Chance, Austin and Tra all rode down with David and Ben – and they stopped in Springfield to pick up birthday pizzas at Pizza House. When they got to the Lake, Chance came running over to our cabin yelling “Dad, look! Dad look!” He was smiling from ear-to-ear wearing a “Pizza House” hoodie they’d given him for his birthday. The kids all wear hoodies all the time and apparently being the only one with a “Pizza House hoodie” makes him the coolest little dude ever!
The entire Northland gang plus the grands, Jim and Carol, Mr. Martinez and Roberta were there. We had presents, pizza, salads, crank ice-cream and a huge cake Carol had made. It was a wonderful party and later that evening when Bella, Chance, Cookie, Alex and I were in bed reading, Chance said “That was really cool. My first birthday ever.” Alex said, “Well, Chance, actually it was your seventh birthday… you’re seven now and you have a birthday every year.” He frowned and said “Nuh Uh. Never had one before.” We all shared a group hug and Alex said “Maybe it was your first, but we promise you’ll never miss one again.”
We spent the weekend, boating and fishing and just hanging out and having a good time with family, pups and friends.
Since Monday was our second anniversary, Alex and I decided to stay on at the Lake to celebrate. Sunday afternoon, Bella went home with her grandparents – and Chance went to spend a few days with Dub. Friday evening while the kids were off playing, Alex told everyone we’d be staying on a few days to celebrate and mentioned we planned to spend them partying naked. Jim gave us some quality smoke to make it an even more fun occasion… and Carol laughed and told us not to be surprised if we noticed a horny old lady peeking in the window from time-to time 🙂 It was wonderful spending a few quality ALONE NEKID days with my hubby. We’ve had a lot going on and it was the break we both needed!
Alex and I appreciate the anniversary wishes from you guys. Denny, we don’t know how you can possibly remember all that stuff. Thank you!
We have a medical appointment to discuss possible cochlear implants for Chance on Wednesday, November 6th. We’ll for sure keep you posted on that!
xoxo Cal and Alex