Dude. Check out these “hotties in the shower”!

Yesterday, Denny commented, saying (in part): “Could we maybe have a post of hotties in the shower, maybe “doin’ stuff” to themselves or to others?”
We LOVE post requests and “showers” are a favorite subject.
Actually, the shower is where David and I usually have sex. We’ve perfected a whole bunch of eat ass ‘n ‘suck ‘n fuck positions in a small space with water cascading over us. YUM!
Thanks for the request, Denny. You’re tha best!

Denny was asking about “Chance” and how he’s doing with his cochlear implant. The short answer is he’s doing wonderfully well. He’s an interesting kid. He absolutely worships Cal… and has almost perfectly adopted his Aussie accent. He walks like Cal… talks like Cal… and even smiles like Cal.
As for his implant, he wears it all day, but takes it off at bedtime. It’s now such a natural thing that none of us ever even think about it. The implant is a miracle – and so is Chance!

G’day, mate !

Continuing our “colors” series, today we’re featuring “Yellow.” It’s been called the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness… and now we’re adding “hotness” to the list. We hope these dudes bring you sunshine and happiness!

Hello. It’s Alex – and my first effort at “tagging on” to a post.
Ben and David asked me to tell you about Ty And Damien’s new “cabin.” I’m happy to do that. But before I do, I want to tell you an amazing thing about Chance. He’s had his cochlear implant for a little over three months, and lately we’ve noticed that from time-to-time, a distinct “Aussie” accent has been showing up when he talks. I mentioned it to one of his doctors and she said it was extraordinary. The fact that he not only hears words – but detects different vocal inflections is more than we could ever have hoped for.
As Chance would say, “G’day, mate” 🙂
Lately, I’ve been thinking about our lake properties in terms of cars. It’s as if the rest of our cabins (and Jim and Carol’s home) are Hondas. Great cars – comfortable and dependable and we love ‘em. But then there’s this new Porsche Carrera in the neighborhood. It’s sleek and beautiful and unlike anything we’ve ever seen at Table Rock.
Building the “cabin” took architects, hydraulic engineers, electrical engineers, talented craftsmen and hundreds of hours on my part. It’s 1906 sq. ft. and has a huge “great room”, two master bedrooms with private baths and a separate bath for guests. It’s built of structural stainless steel, rough cut cedar and lots of glass. It faces W-SW and the roof is a solar array with battery storage capable of supplying the cabin’s electrical requirements.
The cabin’s most dramatic feature is a waterfall on the back wall of the great room. As we’ve told you, when excavating for the foundation we encountered a large underground spring. We had the water tested and found it safe for drinking. I came up with the idea of the waterfall and the architects and engineers made it happen. Essentially, the spring water is captured in a large underground potable water storage tank, or “cistern.” It’s then pumped into the cabin for household use and to the waterfall. The neat part is that the water from the waterfall flows down through a 4 foot wide by 4 foot tall limestone chase with a glass top level with the greatroom floor. It then runs downhill to a holding pond – and eventually the excess flows into Table Rock lake. The pond is stocked with rainbow trout. The trout swim upstream toward the waterfall and you can watch them through the glass floor. The kids think it’s the greatest thing ever and spend hours and hours watching them.
I could go on and on but by now you’re probably getting the idea. It’s spectacular and Ty, Damien and Austin are thrilled with it. I was continuously concerned about “costs” while we were building, but Ty just kept saying “Don’t worry about it. It’s money from my father’s estate and since he never cared enough to meet my husband or son, it’s the least he could do.”
Te deseo sol y felicidad
xoxo Alex

The better to hear you with!

Back in December, 2015, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“Anthony mentioned (among other things) #47’s ears!! I’m still thinking a post focused on ears (pierced or not) could be fun…”
We did an “Ears” post then – and have been collecting pics ever since. Hope this little auditory adventure is a much fun for you as it is for us!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I talked with Ben yesterday evening and asked him if he’d do a post I could “tag-on” to. He said “Sure. Since you’re gonna be talking about Chance’s hearing, how about an ‘ears’ post’?” I told him that sounded appropriate 🙂
Here’s an update on Chance’s hearing. It’s been three weeks since his implant was turned on and his progress is amazing. We took him for a check-up with his medical team yesterday and they said everything “looks perfect.” We talked about his training with Roberta, Dub, Alex, Bella and me (and the Northland gang) and the lead-doctor said not to change a thing we’re doing.
Here’s an interesting thing: On Sunday night after we’d been over at Keon and Rick’s place for the Chiefs-Titans game (and fireworks afterwards) I went into his room and he was playing on his I-Pad… wearing his ear muffs. I said “Hey, bud. What’s going on with the muffs?” He took them off, then grinned and said “I really like that I can hear now, but sometimes there’s too many sounds. I like to shut them off for a little while.”
We mentioned that to his medical team and they said it was a normal reaction and not to be concerned about it. He’s a champ and we’re sure he’ll be fine!
On another subject, my Mum and Dad will be arriving back at KCI Saturday. We’ve skyped with them several times while they’ve been in Australia and they’ve really missed the kids and are looking forward to being home. They have been devastated about all the fire damage down there and are furious about the Prime Minister’s refusal to make policy changes to combat climate change. Mum says “he’s a greedy, ignorant asshole – just like Trump.” One things for sure about my Mum… she’s always happy to share her opinions 🙂