We’re back!

David and I are back. We got home this afternoon after a trying and difficult few days in Springfield. Angie’s dad’s sudden death was a shock not unlike my own dad’s death – and I know I’ll never get used to dealing with it. We had a quiet, private funeral for him, with only immediate family and his closest friends attending. Afterward, we had a beautiful memorial service with over 200 people celebrating his life. We didn’t take Dub to the funeral, but he went to the memorial with us. Our friends from here in K.C. were all there. Keon and Rick, Ethan and Kevin, Craig, Kerry, Caleb, Pam and Mark… the whole bunch. The memorial service wasn’t really sad. It was just everyone honoring a good man and dealing with the realities of life and death. At Angie’s request, David presided over the memorial and he did a wonderful job. He talked about Bill and the growth of our friendship – and after his remarks, he asked if anyone would like to say a few words. A whole bunch of people went up front and told stories and talked about what a great guy he was. To our total surprise, the last person to walk up front to talk was Dub. Yup. He just stood, walked up front and said, “PopPop liked when we read Green Eggs and Hams. When I go to Heaven, I’m gonna do that with him again.” Having said that, he calmly walked back and took his seat between Angie and me. I was speechless. I mean, the little dude just turned four. You can’t possibly imagine how proud we are of him.
Angie and Dub have my car and are spending this next week in Springfield with her Mom and Donnie’s parents. They’ll be back here on Friday.
We really, really hope there won’t be any more surprises this year!