Feliz cinco de mayo!

Hey, guys. Happy fifth of May! It’s a big day for us here at the lake and we hope it is for you as well. We have lots of plans for the celebration.
Chad and I will dismiss school at noon so everyone can get ready for the celebration. The kids are in charge of decorating our homes – but I’m sure we dads will pitch in. We’ll have lots of balloons, crepe paper streamers, colorful paper table cloths and napkins and more surprises (we can hardly wait to see what Alex, Cal, Bella and Chance do to turn their home into the “Mexican cantina” they’ve promised).
The weather people say it’s going to be a beautiful, sunny Spring day so we’re doing a moving dinner. We’ll start at Chad and Raef’s place for chips, salsa and margaritas (virgin margaritas for the kids). Then, we’ll all walk over to Alex and Cals’ for tamales… then Keon and Ricks’ for enchiladas… then Ty and Damiens’ for quesadillas… then our house for fish tacos (the kids favorite). After all that food, we’ll head over to Jim and Carols’ for fried ice cream.
Alex has a big boom box that he’ll carry with us from cabin to cabin playing mariachi music and we’ll all carry our margaritas (and virgin margaritas) with us as we go.
Even though Alex and Matty are the only actual Latinos in our group, we all speak Spanish (in varying competencies) and after a margarita or two, we’re about as Latin as can be 🙂
Mucho cariño a todos y feliz cinco de mayo!

Dude. It’s time for our annual Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Hey, guys. It’s Cinco de Mayo here at Table Rock and we’re ready for a big celebration. We’re turning Rick and Keon’s rock garden into a Mexican courtyard – complete with handing lanterns, balloons in green, white and red, a Mexican flag and, of course, recorded mariachi music. We’ll have quesadillas, enchiladas and fish tacos with guacamole, salsa and chips on the side. Then, best of all, Denise and Carol are making “fried ice cream” for dessert. (It’s probably not necessary to mention the pitchers of margaritas the adults will be enjoying).
Dub, Bella and Austin are insisting that only “Spanish” will be spoken at the party, but for those of us who are less fluent in Spanish, I suspect some English and/or ASL will slip in here and there.
We hope Cinco de Mayo finds you all sano, feliz y sobreviviente!
xoxo David and Ben

Dude. It’s our own little Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Hope you guys are ready for Cinco de Mayo. David and I are hosting a party here at the house. There’ll be 16 of us (the Northland 12 plus Erik, Mr. Martinez and Cal’s parents). Alex (Alexandro) and Cal’s Mum are in charge of the menu and we’re told it’ll feature all the traditional Mexican dishes – plus plenty of tacos for the boys. We’ll watch the Kentucky Derby, of course and try to choke down some mint juleps (although I’m sure a big pitcher of margaritas will be the group’s favorite). Mr. Martinez is bringing a piñata for the kids. It’ll be interesting to see if Dub (Mr. non-violence) will have a whack at it 🙂
I thought some Latin lads would help us get in the Cinco de Mayo mood. Hope you enjoy them, too!