Here’s an e-mail we received yesterday:
“Hi, guys. It’s J.T. and Mike here. We’re a couple of college guys in Texas (not too far from Dallas) and we’re UnrulyDude regulars. We’ve never commented, but visit the blog every day – and the video blog, too. We also look at Flipflopsboy’s blog and Tim’s blog pretty often.
We’re a gay couple and love being a part of your “family.” We think the comments are great, and feel like Jingle, Denny, BillS, Ray, bw, Brad and the rest of the guys are our friends. We’re not married, but I took Mike home with me a couple of weeks ago to meet my parents and little brother. We told them we’re gay and they’re o.k. with it. Not thrilled… but o.k. Mike hasn’t told his folks about us, or about being gay yet because his parents are real religious and think Donald Trump is neat and will probably throw a big s*** fit when they find out. Anyway, we think you guys are awesome, and we love hearing about Dub, and your friends, and we hope someday we can be married and as happy as you guys are.
Mike and I are both “cut” and we think that’s cool. It seems like maybe most of the guys you post are uncut, and that’s o.k., but we like being clipped and hope maybe you’ll do a post of cut guys for us?
We love you and the whole Unrulydude family, and hope you have all happiness in your life, which we think you will.
J.T. and Mike”
So, of course, we’re doing a “clipped” post for J.T. and Mike. Thanks for the e-mail, guys… and much love to you both. We hope you’ll like the pics and that you’ll comment from time-to-time.
Love you both!
David, Ben and the URD crew