Dude. You don’t have to show us your junk to be hot!

A lot of our Blogger friends have been pretty upset lately because Google is, once again, threatening wholesale censorship of blogs. Yesterday, Ben asked me if I thought they (Blogger) would really do it. I told him that – having had 5 Blogger blogs (both photo and video) deleted – I wouldn’t be surprised at anything they did. So Ben thought it would be fun to do a post that wasn’t sexually explicit. We had fun putting this together – and are hoping for the best for our Blogger friends (including FlipFlopsBoy)!

F. C. C. O.

Back on May 24th, I did a post requested by our bud, “Wonderboy,” who had commented: “My strange fetish (as I stated previously on your other site) is guys who are fully clothed with their erect cocks out of their pants. (I’m gonna call it Fully Clothed/Cock Out, or FCCO for short.)
Don’t know what it is about FCCO guys, but I find that very erotic.”
“Jingle commented that he liked the idea, too, and it was a popular post. Let’s do it again!

Nekid and Not

I spent some time over at Zona Rosa (shopping center) yesterday and found the scenery absolutely wonderful. All those hot, young dudes in shorts and tanks or tees and flip-flops or sneaks. Wow. I must have mentally undressed at least a hundred of ’em. Here are some pics where the undressing is already done for us.