Check it out, dude. “Fully clothed to totally naked”!

We had a request from our best-ever-buddy “Jingle” for a “fully-clothed to totally naked” post. We’re not entirely sure if this is what you have in mind, babe… but here are some dudes we think fit the category. Just one thing… Ben and I are reserving the dude in pic #1 for our personal use. We might consider sharing him later on… but for now, forgetaboutit he just plain ain’t available 🙂


Back in November, we received an e-mail from “Dale” saying: “How about a series on CMNM – clothed male/naked male – where one completely naked guy is the object of attention for one(or more) fully clothed, maybe even sharply dressed, guy (or group of guys?”
Dale even included some pics (the first six in the post) to show us what he had in mind.
We thought it was a GREAT idea so, here it FINALLY is, Dale. Thanks for the request and for your patience.
Ben and David