Dude. Check out these “fun size” peckers!

On our last post (balls ‘n boners) b.w. commented, saying: “I think you should insert the word “big” right before boners – most of these lads are rather gifted.”
Then, Denny said “This post could easily be subtitled “Land of the King-Size Cock”
… which got us thinking about dicks and how size really isn’t all that important. So, here are some “average joe” type peckers that we’re betting would be lots of fun to play with 🙂

Dude. It ain’t gonna lick itself!

As you may have read, Southwest Missouri is now the epicenter of the Delta variant of Coronavirus in the U.S. Here’s an excerpt from an Associated Press article:
Frustrated health officials in the Springfield area are imploring residents to get COVID-19 vaccinations as the faster-spreading Delta variant pushes case numbers and hospitalizations higher.
Random testing of virus samples have determined that the Delta variant, which is more infectious and potentially more deadly than other variants, has become dominant around Springfield and in much of southwest Missouri, Kendra Findley, administrator of community health and epidemiology with Greene County, said Thursday.”
This, of course S U C K S big time. We had planned a fathers’ day get-together here at the Lake, but the grandparents have cancelled because (even thought they’re all fully vaccinated) they’re afraid they might somehow bring the Delta variant to the kids. Pop-pops blames this on the evangelical ministers preaching against the vaccine, and he’s probably right – at least to some extent. So, I guess we won’t be seeing much of the grands – at least until fall (or whenever) the Pfizer vaccine becomes available to kids under the age of 12.
The kids are VERY disappointed that the grands won’t be here.. but we’ll “FaceTime” with them and make the best of it. This morning, Dub said “Dad. This IS gonna be over someday, isn’t it?” I said “I think so, Dub. At least I sure hope so.”

Oh, and btw, happy fathers day to those of you who are lucky enough to experience the joy of fatherhood 🙂

Dude. What’s the story with these Cocksuckers?

Back on August 30th, our buddy “Bill S” commented, saying:
“I have just come up with an idea for a post!
“What’s the Story with these Cocksuckers?” Maybe you could just save to my birthday file, pics of guys sucking cock in unusual places or unexplainable circumstances, and so on. And then post all 48 on my birthday! Just a thought! (-: ”
David and I started collecting pics… and this afternoon I noticed there were 184 photos in the folder. It’s like this. Bill’s birthday isn’t until June 13th, and – for all we know – Trump may have blown up the World by then… and it’d be a shame if we hadn’t done this post. So, here you go, babe. It’s a bit early for your birthday, but what-the-Hell – it’s fun to look at these dudes sucking cocks whenever and wherever the mood strikes 🙂