Dudes… Commando!

Dub and Ben are on Christmas break now until January 5th. We plan to head to the Lake Tuesday morning.
Dub “skyped” with his Mom this morning and, since it would be their last visit before Christmas, they opened their gifts together on-line. He saves all his “Skypes” with Angie and afterward he showed today’s to Ben and me. This year, Angie gave him three hand-made African beaded leather bracelets. One for strength, one for health and one for valor. Dub was absolutely thrilled. He has all three on his right wrist and we seriously doubt he’ll ever take them off. Actually, they are really cool!
It seems like Christmas is coming really fast year. We hope you guys have your plans made and that this will be your best Holiday ever! xoxo David and Ben

Whops! Dick slips!!

Back on April 27th, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“p.s. #45 got me thinking… Could we have a “Dick Slips” post?? It’s been a while…”
So, we started collecting pics – and it’s taken a while. This is actually our third “dick slips” or “peek” post – all of which have been requested by “Jingle.” Guess there’s just something about a dude’s dick stickin’ out (or almost) that turns our buddy’s crank. Does it for us, too… babe!

One last bunch of badass freeballers!

I hope I haven’t worn you guys out with all these “freeballin'” posts – but I just thought if David and I were gonna spend the week commando, the posts should, too. We should be back to posting a bigger variety of pics starting Monday, August 11th 🙂