Pros and Cons

Hey, guys, It’s Ben. I thought I’d update you on some of the recent happenings here in the Northland.
Dub’s grandparents brought him home yesterday. He was really, really excited to be home and we had the usual craziness with the dogs barking and Dub running around the house checking on his room, his plants and all his things. He loves going to visit his g-ma (s) and g-pa but is always so happy to be home. On this trip, he and his g-pa collected some 22 leaves that had changed to their fall colors – put them in an album alongside their green counterparts – and labeled them. It’s an impressive collection and Dub is super proud of it. We also got a complete rundown on “Coco” and her latest tricks – including bringing in gram’s newspaper every morning. When things settled down a bit, we had tiramisu and coffee before the grandparents headed home. Dub – who is mainly a veggies guy – loves tiramisu and David makes him a special one that doesn’t have liquor in it.
Now, about last weekend:
David and I slept in on Saturday. Kind of unusual for us because Dub typically has us up and around early. Unusual… and quiet… and even though we really miss the little dude when he’s gone, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After some amazing sex, we showered, had breakfast – did the weekly chores – and David put a brisket in the smoker.
Keon came over Saturday afternoon and helped me with some mowing and leaf mulching while David made twice-baked potatoes and tiramisu. Then, we kicked back and watched an Arsenal soccer match. Rick and Alex worked all day and got here about 6:30. Keon made a batch of margaritas and we got after them while we talked and got acquainted with Alex. He’s a neat guy – he’s hispanic… only about 5’9″ and, maybe 150 pounds – with a great smile, short black hair, incredible, big brown eyes and says he always wears converse tennies. He told us about breaking up with his girlfriend because she was “always bitchin’ about wanting an engagement ring” and he wasn’t ready to make the commitment. Said she got pissed and moved out and he hasn’t seen her since. He wanted to know all about David and me – and how long we’ve been a couple – and about Dub and how we came to adopt him – and what being gay in a straight neighborhood is like. He told us about his job at the nursery and how much he likes working with Rick and how he wants to have a career in horticulture.
By that time, we were feeling pretty loose from the margaritas, so Keon and Rick made a big salad (with “special greens”) and we had that with brisket and twice-bakes. It was delicious and Alex said it was the best food he’d ever eaten. I wouldn’t disagree!
After dinner, we smoked a joint and kept drinking margaritas – and decided it was time to head to the hot tub. I told Alex “we usually do the hot tub naked, but I’ll loan you a swim suit if you’re not comfortable with that.” He grinned and said, “Rick told me the best thing about the hot tub is having the bubbles shoot up your butt, so I guess I’ll need to be naked for that.” When we got to the downstairs deck, Keon was the first one naked and I noticed Alex staring at his big, uncut black beauty. When Alex took his boxers off, we were treated to the sight of a really beautiful dick. It’s at least six inches soft with a wrinkled foreskin that completely covers his glans. We chilled in the hot tub and talked and passed around another joint and just enjoyed the beautiful fall evening. Eventually, we climbed out – wrapped up in towels and ran upstairs to the living room. So we were in the living room naked (except, of course Alex had his cons on) – and our dicks were all getting hard. Watching Alex’ big, uncut cock rise to the occasion was interesting as well as arousing. Such a big dick on such a small guy is really something to behold. Anyway, we were all looking at it and Rick asked him if he’d like us to suck it – and he acted all bashful and said, “Sure. I guess if you want to.” So we sort of took turns, except we didn’t really take turns because we were all licking his pits and nips and balls and asshole while the sucking was going on. Of course, when he blew his first load, we all shared it. Then we rolled around on the quilts on the floor sucking and doing just about every oral thing we could think of. Alex really got into being sucked off – and watching us – but he didn’t suck dick, so we all got off a couple of times and didn’t push it any further.
It was an excellent evening and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Alex. I don’t know if he’s straight, bi or maybe confused – but I’m sure he and Rick will talk and we’ll eventually find out. In any case, he’s a nice guy and it’s always good to make a new friend.
Anyway, that’s what’s happening here – and now it’s back to school work – and Dub – and David and Ben – and all that entails. I don’t know what Alex’ thing is about converse sneakers – but here are some pics of guys to also seem to like ’em. Hope you do too 🙂