Dude. What’s cookin’?

Hey, guys. Good news. David, Keon, Rick, Cal, Alex, Ty, Damien, Chad, Raef, Jim, Carol, Denise, Scott and I have all had our first shots of the Pfizer covid vaccine. We had all signed up and got e-mails telling us they had extra supplies available. Apparently the evangelical christians don’t want to be vaccinated so supplies aren’t a problem in Southwest Missouri. It’s a huge relief knowing that we’ll all be fully protected in another five weeks or so.
On another subject, have you all been watching Jeopardy this week? We watch every day and although Aaron Rogers is pleasant to look at, we think he leaves something to be desired as a Jeopardy host. Dub says “Might as well get used to it. There’s prolly never gonna be another Alex.”
It’s been about ten days since we’ve heard from our friend “Larry” and we’re getting a bit concerned. Larry – we hope you’re well and that we’ll hear from you soon!
We’ve had quite a bit of rain this past week and Dub is excited about the garden. They haven’t planted much yet but the plants are growing happily in their pots and should get moved to the garden before too long. We’re glad the long, cold winter is behind us and maybe the pandemic will be as well before too long.
xoxo Ben (and David)