“Howdy. How you doin’?”

We’re continuing our series of “colors” posts with some dudes in (and out of) “Orange”. None of our on-line friends mentioned orange as a favorite color, but it’s definitely one of Alex’ favs. He says it’s his Latin heritage that causes him to like bright colors like orange, yellow and turquoise. Actually, he looks good in anything he’s in (or out of)!

Ben, Chad and I are still at the Lake with the kids and dogs and it’s WONDERFUL. Ty and Damien insisted we turn their cabin into a schoolhouse… so that’s what we’ve done. The kids love it. They get up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast then and head over to “school”. Chad is serving at Ben’s “teaching assistant” and having fun with it. He says he’s learning a whole bunch of stuff himself 🙂
The whole gang was here last weekend for Dub’s and my birthday celebration. We had hand-crank ice cream and strawberry cake, and lots of fun.
We were just starting dinner Friday evening when Bella walked into the room and said “Attention everyone. Matty has something he wants to say.” Then Matty walked in and said “Howdy. How you doin’?” The kids totally cracked up and everyone was laughing. Hearing him speak – not only in English but with a redneck twang was hysterical.
We had a small problem on Monday when the bureaucrats found out “Mateo” was at the Lake with us – instead of in his new home. Chad and Raef’s fostering agreement calls for “weekly in-home evaluations” by DSS personnel and bi-weekly meetings for Mateo with a child counselor,” so the State people decided it was “a violation of the agreement.” Ben skyped a classroom session with them… then we got both “Dr. C” and one of our attorneys to call them. They finally decided that under the circumstances, the arrangement is acceptable. Chad has taken a “leave of absence” from his job so he can be here with Matty. He will take him to K.C. to meet with the child counselor later this week.
So, even in this time of medical uncertainty, we’re all going strong here at Table Rock. And in spite of everything, “life is good”!
Guys… PLEASE take good care of yourselves. If we all practice “social distancing” and wash our hands regularly and use lots of hand sanitizer (and use our good common sense) we’ll get through this.
xoxo David and Ben