“Name it” addition

I HAVE to try this again. Sometimes… fairly often… when photos are uploading to a post, one or two of them don’t post and I get an “uploading error” message. That happened today with this pic… and, of course it was probably my favorite pic in the set. So I’m gonna try it again. I’d like to haul this dude into a storage stall and spend about a week with him. Hope it posts this time!!

“Name it”

Back on October 3rd, our buddy, “Bill S.” commented, saying, :”Hey there’s a thought — Make a post and call it, “Name It” and let us fans give you suggestions and then you choose the best one. It will be fun, yes?”
I though, “what an excellent idea!!” and started putting the post together… then, got side-tracked… and just thought of it again this morning.
So, come on, guys… here are the boys… and you can see what they’re doing… so NAME IT!