Easter Baskets!

This is the first of our “Flip Flops Fridays” posts. The title and every pic are exactly as we received them from him.
Here’s the note he included with the pics for the post:
“Thank you so much for hosting FlipFlopsBoy Fridays! I will figure out something for my blogs within the next few weeks. I’ll be back! XO FFB”

Just as we were ready to do this post, we received this e-mail from FFB:
I’m back! http://flipflopsreturns.blogspot.com/
So, the good news is that FFB is posting again and we have his new blog link. We’ll contact our blog host and get the link on the right side of the page updated so you guys will have a short-cut.

Look, dude. Public bulges!

We had a comment from our “Requester-in-Chief,” “Bill S,” saying: “It has been awhile — I have a post-request: “Public Bulges.” I can hardly wait to see what you come up with!!! XOXO” Our “Commenter-in-Chief, “Jingle” seconded the idea, so I thought I’d better get right on it.
It was a fairly easy post to put together because David and I love bulges and have a huge “bulges” folder with hundreds of pics. All I had to do was pick out some of the “public” ones. Thanks for the request, babes… hope these are what you had in mind.

and all I had to do was pick out some of the “public”


I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I know our buddy “Anthony” and I definitely get excited looking at dude crotches. I saw a guy in Old Navy yesterday who was wearing sweat pants and showin’ off about as pretty a crotch rocket as I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t shy about it… just walking’ around and looking’ at shirts and stuff. What a nice, Halloween TREAT!