…meanwhile… in the park…

With all this beautiful fall weather, I’m betting our friend “Jingle” is almost living in the park(s). I told Ben this morning we really need to figure out a time to get over to Lawrence. Pretty sure Riverfront park is hopping these days 🙂

Cruisin’ the Park

Had a comment from our bud, “Bill S.” saying: “Trees will be dropping their leaves much too soon, but that makes me think that “Cruisin’ The Park” would be a hot post, if you like the idea!”
Actually, I did a post with this theme back on June 5th (see “Park” tag on the right side of the page)… but I’ve had so much fun cruising public parks that I thought, Oh, Hell YES – let’s do it again! Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. I’m guessing you, Jingle, and a whole bunch of our guys have all had your share of park sex.