Dude. It’s time for a “Friends Friday” “Cum-a-rama”!

Hi. It’s Keon. It’s been a while… but David and Ben asked us if we’d like to do a post or two, so I thought “Sure. Why not?”
I’ve been thinking a lot about cum lately. Actually, I think about it a lot. It’s an amazing thing.
-It’s more fun to make than “hand crank ice cream.”
-It has no calories, so it’s non-fattening.
-It looks amazing when spread on your body, ass or face
-It moistens your lips when you’re kissing your fav dude
-It doesn’t stain your undies… or jeans… or other clothing items.
-It feels wonderful when injected into your mouth, butt, armpit or ear.
Ear? Seriously? Please!
So here are some glorious pics of the most amazing liquid in the World.

Dante and Silas’ house is finished and we’ll all be helping them move into the “rainbow aerie” this weekend. We’re all real happy for them and can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m betting it’ll be as wonderful as a big ole mouthful of wet, creamy cum 🙂
xoxo Keon and Rick

Dude. This is tonguetastic!

As we know, the tongue is a wonderful and amazing thing. It’s vital for chewing and swallowing food, as well as for speech. It has many nerves that detect and transmit taste signals to the brain. The four common tastes are sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.
O.K. these are the commonly recognized purposes of the tongue. We’re betting you guys have found other valuable uses. Please let us know your favorites. xoxo David and Ben

bunch of unruly cocksuckers…

Back on July 10th, “Beto” commented: “Hope the new tub provides you guys with as much fun as the one in KC – maybe it even inspires an unruly post. 😉 ”
So, we thought it was probably way past time for an “unruly post” and started putting this together. Then, we noticed we had included several “cum-sucker” pics and that got us started in this direction. While we feel strongly that cum belongs either in a mouth or up in an ass… these boys with cum smeared on their faces are certainly aesthetically pleasing!