bunch of unruly cocksuckers…

Back on July 10th, “Beto” commented: “Hope the new tub provides you guys with as much fun as the one in KC – maybe it even inspires an unruly post. 😉 ”
So, we thought it was probably way past time for an “unruly post” and started putting this together. Then, we noticed we had included several “cum-sucker” pics and that got us started in this direction. While we feel strongly that cum belongs either in a mouth or up in an ass… these boys with cum smeared on their faces are certainly aesthetically pleasing!


On Saturday, “Jason” commented, saying: “I would love to see a post called “Splattered” if you can find enough.” I thought it was a GREAT idea and asked David if I could do the post. He smiled and said, “I’m afraid you’re becoming a “cum-junkie.” Which I absolutely am. The first time David sucked me off – over in the park – I asked him what it tasted like, and he said, “cum.” Which is exactly what it tastes like. Nothing else tastes even remotely like it and I just fuckin’ LOVE it. I’ve even learned to like eating my own. Right now, I’m horny as Hell – and the minute this is posted, I’m gonna go get me sum cum. YUM!

Y U M ! ! !

Just fuckin’ Y U M ! ! !