Dude. It’s time for a “Friends Friday” “Cum-a-rama”!

Hi. It’s Keon. It’s been a while… but David and Ben asked us if we’d like to do a post or two, so I thought “Sure. Why not?”
I’ve been thinking a lot about cum lately. Actually, I think about it a lot. It’s an amazing thing.
-It’s more fun to make than “hand crank ice cream.”
-It has no calories, so it’s non-fattening.
-It looks amazing when spread on your body, ass or face
-It moistens your lips when you’re kissing your fav dude
-It doesn’t stain your undies… or jeans… or other clothing items.
-It feels wonderful when injected into your mouth, butt, armpit or ear.
Ear? Seriously? Please!
So here are some glorious pics of the most amazing liquid in the World.

Dante and Silas’ house is finished and we’ll all be helping them move into the “rainbow aerie” this weekend. We’re all real happy for them and can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m betting it’ll be as wonderful as a big ole mouthful of wet, creamy cum 🙂
xoxo Keon and Rick

Breed it, dude!

Commenting on Beto’s action pics, Kent said: “Thank you, Beto, for such a hot post! My favorite is #46, where the bottom just got bred and he’s showing a creampie! Breeding pix (and results as bred) are my favorite kind of pix. It would be great to see an entire post of dripping holes and creampies.”
We checked, and the last (and only) “breeding” post we’ve had on UnrulyDude was back on August 21st of 2016. Since it’s been almost 6 years it’s definitely time for another. Thanks for the suggestion, Kent. Hope these dripping holes are just what you had in mind 🙂

Butt naked boys tossin’ off!

On Wednesday, Jim called me to say a friend of his had called and offered him two club level tickets to the Chiefs – Bengals game on Sunday. He said he and Carol weren’t interested but thought maybe David or I could take Dub. I told him I’d get back to him. So, I told David about it and Wednesday evening we asked Dub if he’d like to go to the game. He thought about it for a while… then said “If it’s o.k., I’d prolly rather see it with the gang on the “jumbotron” over at Austin’s house. That’s the most fun place to be.” We told him that would be fine.
To tell the truth, I think David and I would be VERY disappointed if we missed seeing the game with our friends 🙂 GO CHIEFS!