Dude. Check out these butt naked “skinless weiners”!

Hey. Hope this finds you guys safe, happy and well fed after the Thanksgiving festivities. We had a great Thanksgiving over at Denise and Scott’s home over at Koala Cove. The whole gang was there and we had good food, good company and lots to be thankful for.
We did a “FaceTime” chat with the grandparents and each of the kids told them what they were most thankful for. Bella cracked us up when she said she was thankful for Alyssa because “now I’m not the only girl in the crowd who has to keep these boys in line.” Maybe the most touching was when Matty said “I’m thankful my dad doesn’t have a sick appendix any more so we can play with Bud and do regular stuff.”
We got the exterior holiday lights up on all the cabins and the Christmas shopping is under way. It really is “The most wonderful time of the year”!

…the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many thins. Of dub and dog and cookie… and whether dicks have skins…

…with an apology to Lewis Carroll…

Friday, after school, Dub, David and I were scheduled to return “Dog” to the shelter. David wanted to talk to me, so we went into his office – leaving Dub and the dogs in the kitchen. David said, “I’m not sure we should take “Dog” back to the shelter. She’s a sweet puppy and has been spending her days in my office… mostly laying under my desk… usually with her chin on my foot. She isn’t any trouble and the other dogs have accepted her. If Dub wants to keep her, I’m o.k. with that if you are.” I grinned and said, “But, you said we were at our K-9 limit before we brought “Dog” home. You telling me you’ve gone soft on us?” He just smiled and shrugged. I said, “Let’s ask Dub what he wants to do.” So we did. Dub said, “I promised we’d take her back to the shelter and that’s what we should do.” Then he grinned and said, “Besides, I already called Unca Alex and they’re planning to meet us there.” So we took “Dog” to the shelter – where we met up with Alex, Cal, Izzie, and Cal’s Mum and Dad.
Long story short, Alex, Cal and Izzie adopted her and Izzie announced that her name is “Cookie” now.
The shelter people were all amazed at “Dog” and how well she’s doing. They took pics of Dub, Izzie and Cookie – and will be doing a special edition of their newsletter with the story of how Dub “rescued” her, made her a new paw, and found her a forever home.
Dub was smiling ear-to-ear, as were the new “puppy parents” when they loaded her into Cal’s car and headed home. I’m thinking we may have to get David a stuffed puppy like Travon’s “Muff” to hang out under his desk 🙂

Another beautiful wedding at our “little chapel in the Northland.”

Our buddy “Jingle” commented about the “beautiful dick” on #4 in Jimmy’s birthday post (#1 here), saying:
“And there’s a different pic of hot #4, and his beautiful dick, in the “FCCO Muddog” post of September 11th!! (#38, there!!) Liked him then, like him even more here!! 🙂”
And, that got us thinking about how pretty a hard, circumcised dick can be. We sometimes get kind of “carried away” by foreskin… and forget our beautiful, cut brothers. So, here you go, guys – some oh-so-pretty cut bois to brighten your day!

Alex and Callum’s wedding at our home on Saturday was beautiful. It was smaller… and less formal than Keon and Rick’s wedding… but still… wonderful. Cal and Alex had insisted on its’ being very casual, which was fine with us. But definitely NOT with Dub. When he heard the guys were planning to wear jeans and tee shirts for the ceremony, he was having none of it. He told them “You havta wear white shirts and neckties and suspenders when you get married.” Cal just looked at him and said “That’s ridiculous. What we wear isn’t important. It’s how much we love each other.” And Dub said, “If you’re getting married, you havta wear white shirts and neckties and suspenders. It’s the rule. Everybody knows that.” So… after a lot of haggling, you guessed it. Ben, Dub, Alex, Cal and I wore jeans and tennies for the ceremony… but we all had on white shirts, neckties and suspenders. Cal told Dub wearing suspenders was just silly. Dub said, “Wear ’em. They’ll keep your pants from falling off.”
It was a fairly small crowd. Keon and Rick were here, of course, as well as Rick’s brother “Chad,” Pam, Mark and Erik… Damien, Ty and Austin and Mr. Martinez. Our friend “Matty” photographed (and video recorded) everything… but we noticed he focused more on our upper bodies than our jeans and sneakers.
After the ceremony, we all went upstairs for drinks and snacks and more pics – and the guys opened presents. The big surprise was from Dub. He and his “g-pops” had conspired to make a very special gift. Cal and Alex had taken a bunch of photos of Bella while they were in Australia… none of which were high-quality shots. But Dub had sent them to his grandfather in Springfield – and he (a photo genius of the first order) had cropped and re-imaged and enhanced and re-colored a pic of Bella and e-mailed it to the frame shop over in Boardwalk shopping center. Dub got me to take him over there to pick up the finished product Friday afternoon, although it was wrapped in plain brown paper and none of us saw it until the guys opened it. When they unwrapped it, there were tears all around. Bella is a beautiful girl and the almost life-size photo is lovely.
Cal and Alex are spending a few days at our cabin on Table Rock, but will be home on Thursday. They’re moving into their new villa next weekend and Cal is headed back to Australia on Monday. Busy times here in the Northland. We’re blessed with an awesome extended family!