Dude. You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Hello. It’s Damien. Ty and I are Austin’s dads. We haven’t posted anything on UnrulyDude in a long time, but David and Ben asked us to bring you up-to-date on what’s happening with us, so we’ll have a go at it.
As hard as it is for us to believe, Austin is 10 years old now. He was four when we started fostering him so we can barely remember what life was like without him. Raising him has been a real challenge from time to time. It literally took years to get him past his memories of his early life – and we don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t had Dub on-call to come over and help Austin chase the bogeyman away.
In the 6 years he’s been with us, he’s gone from being a scared little kid with a broken arm and cigarette burns on his back to a confident young man who loves his home, friends, school and life here at the Lake.
When he’s not in school or “hanging with his buds,” he’s usually playing video games on his Xbox. He says his current favorite is “Avengers” – a game he plays on-line with Dub, Chance and Travon – and sometimes with Bella.
We used to own an ocean front condo near Panama Beach, FL, but sold it because our home here at the lake is much like a non-stop vacation. And because this is where our friends are. They’re more than friends… they’re our family!
So that’s what’s happening with us. We hope this finds you happy, healthy and enjoying life. All our best. Damien and Ty

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Larry. Happy birthday to you!

Today is Larry’s birthday and with this post, we’re wishing him the healthiest, happiest, most wonderful birthday ever.
Larry is maybe the best example of what being a member of our URD family means. We know he’s not into the hairy, pierced, tattooed, nasty, raunchy dudes we normally post – but he puts up with us because he’s our friend – and because he knows we love him. We do love you, Larry. Hope these mostly hairless, unpierced, non-tattooed sweet boys will make your birthday bright, happy and special! xox. David and Ben.