Ooh, Daddy!!

We had a comment from “Jim in Austin, TX,” saying:
“Hey, guys…..LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog! Howzabout some Daddy themed posts? Haven’t seen one here in quite a while.”
Then, our buddy “Jingle” said, “Ooh, can I second Jim’s awesome request?!?!”
So, we check our “Daddies” folders and thought you guys might like these. Hope these generational gems are what you have in mind!

I mentioned earlier that Rick had given Dub a “boston fern” for Christmas. Dub was sort of confused by the gift until Rick told him it was a living thing that needed food and water and love and attention. So, we put it in his room next to a window and Dub thought it was pretty cool.
Today, after he got home from day care, Dub asked me if I would help him move some furniture in his room. I was surprised… but said, “Sure.” So, we went to his room and he wanted to move his desk (where the plant was sitting) away from the window. We changed places with his desk and printer stand… and he said, “That’s good. She’ll be happier there. She said she didn’t like direct sun.” At first, I had no idea how to react… but I finally said, “Dub. Are you saying the plant talks to you?” He looked puzzled… and said, “No. She doesn’t talk. I just kind of hear her sometimes.” I thought about talking more about it – but had no idea what to say… so I just let the subject drop.
Later, I told David about it. He said, “That’s strange. Maybe we should talk with Rick. It’s probably just Dub’s imagination, but it really does seem odd.”

H e l l o o o D a d d y ! !

We had a nice comment last Tuesday from “Jeff W from Omaha,” saying: “Even though I’m more of a “bear” and 40″s plus kind of guy, I really do enjoy your posts. You have such a fresh approach to how you appreciate the male mystique. Thanks for your open and honest response to your boss’ remark. You are a great representative for guys who like guys, and I’d trust your values any day. Your boss is a lucky man. (and a smart one too…).”
When I read Jeff’s comment, I told David, “I’ve got this!” While I’m not sure of these guys’ ages, I’m reasonably sure they’re dudes who would appeal to Jeff. They sure as Hell appeal to me!!

o o o h… d a d d y !

We thought we should give you guys a report on our trip to Austin for “Splash Days.” Last Thursday, our flight out of Kansas City had a “mechanical” problem, so we had to take a later flight. Instead of arriving in Austin at 3:35 p.m., as scheduled, we didn’t get there until about 7:30. By the time we rented a car and drove out to Lakeway, it was getting kind of late, so we got settled in the condo and decided to just eat at Lakeway instead of driving into Austin. We were at a local restaurant/pub – having a drink and waiting for a table when we noticed this guy sitting at the bar. Good looking, older dude – and we kept making eye contact with him. Finally, Ben said, “I think we should buy him a drink.” I agreed and called our waiter over. The waiter was cool and went over and talked to the bartender and the bartender gave the guy a drink. He flashed us a smile – picked up his drinks and came over to our table. We introduced ourselves and he said his name was “Cameron” and everyone calls him “Cam.” He’s an architect from San Antonio and owns a condo at Lakeway. He has salt-and-pepper black hair, a slight British accent, and a mustache and goatee. He said he was 62 years old – and we couldn’t believe it. He sure didn’t look it. Cam was a total delight. Knew everything about Austin and Hippy Hollow… and we talked, and laughed… and ended up having dinner together and going to his condo afterwards. We got to his condo and he said, “Sorry, I forgot to tell you… the condo is a no-clothing zone. So we laughed and took off our clothes and Cam broke out a pipe and we smoked some excellent pot and drank some lovely red wine. We were all boned-up and Ben and I kept looking at Cam and his hot body… and I said, “Cam… if you’re 62, how could you possibly look like you do?” He just grinned and said, “Don’t know. maybe it’s good genes… and maybe it’s because I work out 5 days a week.” Ben and I couldn’t take our eyes off his beautiful dick – which is uncut and maybe 7” hard with a P.A. poking out through the end of his tight foreskin. We had some of the best sex ever and finally got back to our condo at about three in the morning. Ben mentioned that Cam has the sexual stamina of a 20-year-old – and I agreed. Friday, we met up with Cam – had brunch and headed to Hippy Hollow. If we’d pictured a quiet, secluded beach – we were in the wrong place, because there were a whole lot of dudes there.. The Lake Travis water level is way, way down, so getting to the water involved a little rock climbing – but we were naked (except for our sneakers) and enjoying being naked outdoors. We spent the day watching naked dudes and getting acquainted with Cam. He was married for ten years once – has two grown sons (one straight and one gay) both are architects in his firm. He’s originally from the Bromley area of London – but has lived in the U.S. since he was 17 years old. After spending the day at Hippy Hollow, we went back to our condo – showered – and rested for a while – before meeting up with Cam and going to Austin for dinner. We went to sixth street and the crowd was amazing. We were fortunate that Cam had made dinner reservations – otherwise, I doubt we would have ever been able to have dinner. While we were downtown, we did some bar-hopping with stops at Rain, The Jackalope and Oil Can Harry’s. Ben and I were totally amazed by the size of the gay community in Austin.
Anyway, it was a fun weekend that we spent entirely with Cam. We went to the Splash Dance on 6th Street on Saturday – the after-hours adult swim Sunday morning and the “Get Wet” swim Sunday afternoon – but skipped the “High Tide closing party” Sunday night. We spend Sunday evening having dinner and sex with Cam. Ben I want to go back to Hippy Hollow sometime when it isn’t as crowded as it was during Splash Days, but it was a wonderful weekend anyway. Cam is going to come to K.C. for a week during Ben’s Thanksgiving break – and we can’t wait.