Dude. Check out these “natural” selfie boys!

Thank goodness there are a few “selfie boys” who don’t shave their junk. Not many… but some. Here are a few “natural” boys who didn’t lather up and shave before they made a selfie. Good boys!

Hey, guys. It’s Silas. I want to bring you up to date on the newest member of our family. It’s been a little over a month since we first saw a dog running loose up at the rainbow aerie. Dante and I started giving her treats and food and water… and named her “Daisy” but she was still afraid of us. We’d go up there every afternoon at the same time and she’d be there waiting for us with her tail wagging. Eventually she let us pet her but as soon as she finished eating she’d run back into the woods and be gone. We talked to Dub about it and asked him what we should do. He thought about it for a few minutes, then said “Dogs like music. Prolly you should sing to her.” Dante said “Seriously?” Dub said “Yup. Take your guitar and after she eats, just sit down and sing to her.” I said “What should we sing?” Dub grinned and said “Try ‘Comin’ round the mountain’. I bet she’ll like that.”
So Tuesday afternoon, Dante and I took food, water, carrots and my guitar up there. When we got there, Dante looked at me and said “Ask yourself this: A year ago did you think you’d be married to a dude… and own an Ozark mountaintop… and find yourself getting ready to sing to a dog?” I just laughed and shook my head.
Anyway, we fed Daisy and gave her her treats and I picked up my guitar and started playing. Then, Dante and I started singing “She’ll be coming round the mountain. She looked at Dante – then at me – then sat down at our feet and started howling softly. I guess she was singing with us.
So after a few songs, we got up and headed to the car and Daisy followed us. When we got to the car, Dante opened the back door, patted the seat and said “Daisy, let’s go home.” She thought about for a little while and then jumped into the back seat. When we got home, she went from room-to-room sniffing everything and finally came over and sat with us while we watched “Jeopardy.”
Yesterday we took her to the vet. He checked her carefully and said “Well, she’d not chipped – and she doesn’t have any parasites. She seems like a healthy pup. We asked him what breed she was and he said she’s mostly Golden retriever but based on the shape of her head and snout “there’s definitely some labrador there.” He looked at her coat and teeth and said she’s probably about 12 to 15 months old. He gave her all her shots and we headed to get her groomed. They had to cut her hair pretty short because it was matted in places, but now she’s really beautiful (and smells a whole lot better 🙂 )
Dub, Buzz, Ben and David are coming over to meet her later this afternoon. Ben says Dub is “so excited he’s about to pee his pants.”
I couldn’t possibly tell you how happy Dante and I are that our family is growing – and it’s just the beginning. xoxo Silas, Dante and Daisy