“Spoiling” our bud?

This morning, our buddy “Jingle” commented about one of the dudes pictured in yesterday’s “boy-bones!” post, saying:
“OK friends, bear with me here, but #33 is one of those images that sets my mind reeling!! The juxtaposition of the intensely hot and hunky (married) naked dude against the elegant and luxurious background!! His beautiful cock and amazing well-defined scrotal raphe!! His gumdrop nipples!! (May I suggest more scrotal piercings and/or getting his left nipple pierced?!?! 🙂 ) The “Swagger Stick” reminds me of the one my late Mother carried in her later years!! (I still have it, carefully perseved by the Front Door, like Tiny Tim’s crutch!! 🙂 ) And one last detail, if you look closely in the lower right-hand corner of the frame, you’ll see the photographer’s reflection caught in the pier mirror!! WHEW!!! YOWZA!!!!”
Honestly, when we ran across this pic, we had much the same reaction. So… here’s a little information about this guy. His name is Daniel Marvin. He’s Argentinian and was born on 11-14-1978. His gay porn career ran from 2007 through 2013. He was in a “relationship” with Pedro Andreas (pic #10 here) for a time and they MAY (?) have been married… but are no longer together. This set of pics is from “UK Naked Men” and we’ve run across other pics done by “Men at Play” and “Raging Stallion”.
I guess this makes us sound like “bw” (a good thing, indeed!) but we thought it was interesting stuff (and the pics are HOT) 🙂