Dude. Check out these butt naked shaved bois!

Well. Of course you knew this was coming. Jingle even mentioned it a while back. YUP. Some really, really HOT dudes shave their junk… and, if I want to be totally honest, it turns me on. Of course, I’m so damn hairy, if I shaved off my pubes I’d have 5 o’clock shadow down there about 30 minutes later. And, of course David would totally stroke out. Anyway, I honestly really like these hairless dudes and hope at least a few of you will like them too. Ben

Dante and Silas invited David, Dub and me over to their condo for dinner yesterday evening. It was wonderful. Dante made pan-seared filet mignon and Silas made a very tasty mixed vegetable souffle that absolutely blew Dub away. They served it all on china plates with crystal goblets and a linen tablecloth and napkins. There were candles and soft jazz and we enjoyed it immensely. After dinner, we were talking and Silas asked us if we’d consider doing them a favor. He said they wanted to get married “sometime around Valentines Day” and asked David if he’d perform the ceremony. He said “Of course I’d be happy to do that for you.” Then Dante asked Dub if he’d be in charge of planning the wedding and Dub said “I can do that. We’ll need red neckties and suspenders and bird seed and we’ll get Tra and Pop-pops to take pictures.
So we called Denise and she’s reserved the Koala Cove clubhouse for the ceremony on Saturday, February 12th. Our extended family just keeps growing and growing 🙂

Dude. These butt naked water babes wish you a “Happy New Year”

This is the 15th in our “buck/butt naked” series. The topic was suggested by Beto and he sent us several of these pics. Thanks for the idea – and pics, babe. You’re the best!

We’ve been helping Dante and Silas move into their (leased) townhouse the last few days. It’s furnished, so we were mainly just cleaning and moving their personal stuff. When we finished, Silas said “It’s a nice townhouse, but it sure is plain.” Alex said “I can help you with that. Let’s run over to one of my storage units and have a look.” So they did – and a couple of hours later they came back with area rugs, a bunch of Modigliani prints, some decorative throws and fun sculptures. The transformation was amazing and it’s beautiful now. Dante asked us if we had plans for New Years Eve and we told him the kids would be spending the night over at Denise and Scott’s house, so the guys were all coming over for drinks, smoke and a dip in the hot tub. He and Silas grinned and asked if they were invited. We said “Of course.” So, the party started in our house with drinks, snacks and smoke – and moved to the hot tub shortly before midnight. It’s a big hot tub – but it gets more crowded as our little group grows. Chad said “If it’s too crowded, it’ll just have to be a “cum and go party 🙂
We wish you a Happy 2022 with good health, fun, friends and love. xoxo David and Ben

Dude. Check out these butt naked otters!

Our “butt naked” series continues with a look at a bunch of oh-so-yummy “otters.” Before putting the post together, we checked the Urban dictionary to make sure we were getting it right. It says: “Otter: A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear.” You guys who appreciate body hair should find a boy or two here who’ll “turn your crank.” 🙂

Silas called this morning with some very good news. He said Dante was in St. Louis for the weekend and yesterday evening he wanted to take Silas out for dinner at an Italian restaurant on “the hill.” Silas said he picked him up… but instead of heading to the hill, he drove to Genovese Jewelers. When they got there, Dante said “I thought we’d stop here to get some wedding bands.” Silas said “You planning on getting married?” and Dante said “I hope so. Will you marry me?” Silas said they’d talked about moving into the condo at the Lake together, but before last night they’d never talked about getting married. Anyway, Silas said “Yes” and they picked out a matched pair of platinum wedding bands before heading to the restaurant to celebrate. He texted us pics of them at the restaurant with some of the biggest smiles we’ve ever seen. He said they haven’t decided when they’re getting married but I’m guessing it’ll be before very long. I told David and Dub the good news as soon as I got off the phone. Dub said “They’ll need neckties and suspenders and bird seed and someone to take pictures. I can help ’em with that stuff.” I’m sure he can!