Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” Triptych!

There hasn’t been a “triptych” post here on URD since March, 2017, so Keon and I thought it was probably time for another. This one is quite different in that all these pics are of professional site models. We just took the “naked and not” theme and added butt pics. We included a wide variety of dudes so there’ll be something for everyone. It was fun putting this together and we hope you guys will enjoy it.

This has been an interesting weekend for the kids (and us). David and Ben took off on their Harleys Thursday afternoon – headed for the Lake and a little “one on one time” to celebrate their anniversary. They’re the most happily married people we know… and are an inspiration to us all.
Dub, Buzz and Bebe spent Thursday night at our house – then Dub, Tra, Chance and Austin all spent Friday night at Alex and Cal’s (the pups are still staying with us). Now, the boys – plus Bella – are at Ty and Damien’s place for a “movie night sleepover” in their media room.
I’m sure Ben and David will tell you all about their anniversary weekend when they get back home.
We love them and hope they’re having a WONDERFUL weekend!
xoxo Rick and Keon

A magical mini-vacation at the lake!

Last week, Ben and Dub were on “spring break,” and we’d already celebrated my birthday on the weekend, so Ben and I took off for the lake. Dub was excited about spending a few days with Keon, Rick and Travon and going to “science city” and riding the streetcar and all that stuff.
I haven’t mentioned this before, but when we bought the cabin, the former owner told me that he had always sent Jim and Carol a hundred dollars each every month “to watch over the place.” He said Jim took care of the outside and Carol kept the inside sparkling clean – and encouraged me to do the same. So that’s what I’ve been doing. The first time I sent checks, they called and said not to do that – and if I did, they’d just tear up the checks and toss ’em in the trash. But I kept sending them and noticed that each month the checks have been cashed. Jim and Carol live on a fixed income and I’m sure they appreciate the money. For Ben and me, it’s worth it – knowing they’re taking care of the place.
Anyway, when we got to the cabin, it was spotlessly clean and there was a note on the kitchen counter from Carol saying she’d been “opening the place up to let it air out on nice days.” There was also a tupperware container of chocolate-pecan brownies on the counter, and our bed was turned down with a chocolate mint on each of our pillows. Ben surprised me by having already contacted the marina and having our boat serviced and brought to the dock so we could spend time on the water.
We spent three wonderful days at the lake – boating and playing – and being naked – and having sex all over the place. It really was “magical!”
Sometimes I selfishly wish it could always be like this. Just Ben and me at the lake, living happily ever after. Then, when I’m rational, I think about our wonderful life with Dub and the dogs and our jobs and friends and our home in the K.C. Northland… and I’m truly thankful for another year and all our blessings!

Happy anniversary, baby!

Wow. It’s been four years since that day over in the park when I saw this amazing guy step behind some cedars – and I followed him – and it’s been David and Ben ever since. Four years since we met… three years married… and Dub… and Keon… and Rick… and Alex… and Callum… and Bella… and so many wonderful memories. Special thanks to all you guys who remembered our anniversary. WE LOVE YOU!
Ben and David