Happy birthday, baby. I love you!

Wow. Babe. THANK YOU. For all these years – and the tattoos – and the piercings – and the broken bones – and the cycles – and the heart issues – and Dub – and the Northland – and the boats – and the Table Rock gang – and our dear online friends. I’ve loved sharing every minute of it with you.
Nine years of UnrulyDude and we’re going strong. Let’s go for another nine! xoxo Ben
p.s. I’m going to copy Phil’s comment from yesterday and post it here. It pretty much sums it up. Thank you for this, Phil!

(From Phil): “Wow, just Wow, for the NINTH anniversary of this wonderful corner of the internet! I just glanced back at the first post here and it’s always been a whoa!
I didn’t stumble upon this place from FFB until the week in November 2013 that David first met Ben at the park … Honestly that’s the first post I remember seeing here, and thinking, who the f*ck is this dude and why haven’t I gotten the experience Ben had yet. The timing of my arrival here has always kinda felt like the Gay Gods watching out for me, giving me the privilege to join this wonderful online family and to watch your miraculous Northend/Table Rock family grow from the very first slurp. Lots of Love, P&K”

Happy birthday, David!

David. I know you well enough to know that two of your favorite things are gay sex and the color blue. I thought I’d combine them for your special day. Happy Birthday, babe. I love you! Ben

Happy birthday, David!

Since we had a big birthday blowout on Saturday, David, Dub and I plan to spend a quiet evening tonight. We’re going to Jackstack BBQ down by Union Station for dinner, then coming home to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with Bebe and Buzz. Happy birthday, babe!