What’s better… the jeans? or the nips? – Photo re-post

We have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how the pics got so screwed up on this post yesterday. We would have deleted the post and re-posted the pics… but if we’d done that, we would have lost your comments. So — this is just a test to see if WordPress will get it right this time?

What’s better… the jeans? or the nips?

Here’s an e-mail we received from our buddy, “Jingle”:
“You mentioned you might do a “Cars” post… This one might do nicely! Dude is crazy rockin’ hot! And he’s not even showing us his wiener! And that early 1960’s Pontiac Tempest is awesome!
Love ya, babe! As always, John”
(The pic attached is #1 in this post)
We responded to Jingle, saying:
“AGREED! Maybe we’ll do a post of shirtless dudes in jeans. Sometimes letting your imagination run is hotter than looking at a guy’s junk 🙂 xoxo David and Ben”
So, we started looking for “dudes in jeans,” and found ourselves “mesmerized” by the dudes’ tits. Male Nipples have been described as “the most useless and pointless part of a human body. “UMMMMMM… Maybe they are… but DAMN! THEY’RE PRETTY!!!

Skyrockets in sight. Dude denim delight!

I don’t know if it’s normal to have a “growth spurt” between the age of three and four, but we have a cold front coming in tomorrow and I thought I’d better check Dub’s jeans. Sure enough, he’s outgrown all his fall and winter clothes. So I took him shopping this afternoon for new stuff. On the way over to Macy’s, we dropped his old clothes at a donations center and that gave us a chance to talk about helping people in need. He was really pleased to think that some other kid would be able to wear his outgrown clothes. Dub just seems to “get” that kind of thing. I think he’s a pretty special kid!