It’s Dirk Caber welcoming Denny back from Provincetown!

A couple of weeks ago, we received an e-mail from Beto saying (in part):
“There’ve been two seasons, so to speak, of the favorite porn-pup series, but so far no post on Denny’s favorites.” He quoted Denny from a comment on Aug 08, 2019 in which he said “One name I CAN remember is Dirk Caber. He is no spring chicken as he is in his mid 40’s but he is handsome with a hot body.”
Beto closed by saying: “I’m sure (Denny) is happy for his mates’ choices, but I think he’ll be delighted to finally see a post on either Dirk Caber or Peto Coast. Both are big names in the gay porn scene, so finding pics shouldn’t be a problem for you. So that’s my suggestion, and, in case you do this for when he’s back from Provincetown, it’d be a hell of a “welcome home, Denny”. ;)”
Among the things we love about Beto is he’s a guy who genuinely cares about URD and our followers – and he never forgets anything.
So, I went to my “porn pups” folder and, sure enough, there were 92 pics in our “Dirk Caber” sub-folder. It’s MY BAD that they never got made into a post. I honestly don’t know why. So in the spirit of welcoming Denny back, here are 48 of our fav Dick Caber photos. We think he’s one of the hottest guys to ever make gay porn and these pics show why. The pics in the center (#023 through #034) are from our favorite Dirk Caber video “Dirk Caber fucks Dakota Payne.” Here’s a link in case you’d like to watch the full 35 minute video:
So… thank you, Beto for jogging my memory – and thank you Denny for the post suggestion. You guys are AWESOME! xoxo David

Suits us!

Back on January 30th, “Denny” commented, saying:
“If you are looking for post requests – I could ALWAYS go for FCCO, and, in the same post, sexy guys in suits. Maybe falling out of their suits…maybe getting fucked with their suit pants around their ankles by some trashy dude who just pulled his hard male organ out of the fly of his ripped jeans… DAMN, DENNY!!! You don’t want MUCH, DO ya!!! lololol”
Our last “neckties’ post was on May 25, 2016 – and our only “fcco suits” post was way back on October 4, 2013 – so it’s about time for another. Thanks for a great post request, Denny… and mostly, thank you for being our friend! xoxo