It’s Saturday, bitch. Here cum the Unrulybois!!

Hey guys… we’ve added a new “tag” on the right side of the page “Denny story.” It’s a quick way to find all the hot adventures of our very unruly friend, Denny. It was a great suggestion from our friend “Bill S.” Thanks, Bill… and thanks for all the HOT stories, Denny!

Plaids ‘n Dads!

We had a comment yesterday by “Jim from Austin,” saying (in part):”How about a “dad bod” post of hot dads/granddads, guys?”
“Jingle” said he liked the idea… so we started thinking about it. We had been working on a “plaid” post with “Jingle” in mind, and when we looked at the pics in the folder, we thought most of them would fit Jim’s request. So, here’s a first. “Plaids ‘n Dads.” We’re pretty sure these will do it for “Jingle”… and we hope they work for you too, Jim!