Dude. Look what’s cookin’ in the kitchen!

Since Denny and Dave’s kitchen remodel is nearing its end, we thought some pics of guys using their kitchens for the right purposes were in order. While we haven’t found any pics with “porcelain backsplashes” or “under cupboard lighting”, these photos should still act an an instruction manual. Guys, we love you and wish you happiness as you enjoy your new kitchen – even if we are a bit envious 🙂 xoxo Ben and David

Happy birthday, dear Dennie. Happy birthday to you!

It’s Denny’s birthday and we’re wishing him and Dave all the best. Good health, fun times and every happiness. Happy birthday!

There is no member of our URD family more special to us than Denny. Thank you for being with us all these years. Thank you for your interesting and insightful comments… but mainly, thank you for loving and caring about our kids. Whether it’s Dub, Bella, Austin, Chance Travon, Matty or Lissa… you always know the right thing to say to make us appreciate how wonderful they are. Denny. Thank you for your special friendship. We love you!

Dude. Check out this “Denny potpourri” !

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. Here’s the text of an e-mail I sent Denny a few days ago:
“Hey, Denny. Back when we did the post of pics Beto had sent us, you commented, saying:
“Thank you for sharing, Beto! I wish I had such a collection to share with the CCC but alas, I don’t.”
And that got me thinking… how about Denny’s blog? Both David and I check “denny-ct” regularly and love it… for its’ fun, variety, sensuality, beauty and eroticism.
So… I pulled 48 pics off your blog and would love to do a post with them. It’s wonderful stuff and it’d make a great contribution to URD. Of course, I’d make it clear that they’re pics from YOUR blog. So I’m wondering how you’d feel about that. If you like the idea, the post is on my desktop ready to go. If you don’t, I’ll just delete it.
I’ll understand… and love you either way :)”
Here’s Denny’s reply:
“Hey Ben – I am SO pleased and flattered that you want to do this! Honestly, David was so pissed with Verizon when they were deleting Tumblr blogs left and right, I never expected that you guys would be following “denny-ct”.
Because those pics I post are “reblogs” from other guy’s posts, I never thought of them as really mine, if that makes any sense.
Absolutely- I would love to see your selections from my tumblr account on URD. Go for It! And thank you from the bottom of my pea pickin’ heart!”
So here you have it. 48 pics we love from Denny’s Tumblr. Here’s the link:

I thought I’d “tag on” to this with a quick story about Dub. A few month ago, Nathan mentioned to Dub that Diana wanted to grow a “herb garden” but “didn’t know how to go about it.” Of course, that’s exactly the kind of challenge that excites him. So, he showed her how to plant the seeds in peat pots and start the plants inside. Lately, he’s been going over to their place a couple of times a week to help her. He says she’s growing thyme, oregano, basil, sage, rosemary, mint, chives (and a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember). He’s absolutely crazy about Diana and Nathan tells us she’s “very taken with him.” He says Dub is exactly the diversion she needs while she’s waiting out the pregnancy 🙂