Happy birthday, dear Dennie. Happy birthday to you!

It’s Denny’s birthday and we’re wishing him and Dave all the best. Good health, fun times and every happiness. Happy birthday!

There is no member of our URD family more special to us than Denny. Thank you for being with us all these years. Thank you for your interesting and insightful comments… but mainly, thank you for loving and caring about our kids. Whether it’s Dub, Bella, Austin, Chance Travon, Matty or Lissa… you always know the right thing to say to make us appreciate how wonderful they are. Denny. Thank you for your special friendship. We love you!

Happy birthday, Dear Denny… happy birthday to you!

It’s Denny’s birthday and we think it should be a National Holiday in honor of our excellent friend. Denny’s been with us here on URD for as long as there’s been URD. He’s a fun, caring member of our CCC and this blog wouldn’t exist without him. Denny – we hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever in spite of the ugliness surrounding all of us right now. We send our love and best wishes to you and Dave – and look forward to years and years more fun and friendship. Be safe, dear ones… we love you! xoxo
David, Ben and the Northland gang

Happy birthday, Denny… from the “Northland Gang”!

Yesterday, “BillS” commented: “And Monday is Denny’s Birthday! Happy Birthday-month Denny!!” About 30 minutes later, Rick texted, saying he and Keon were excited about Denny’s big day and asked if it would be too much if we both did posts for the occasion. We talked a while and came up with the idea of doing a joint post. Then, yesterday afternoon, Cal called and said he hoped we’d be including some “sox” pics in Denny’s birthday post. Long story short, we decided to do a post with four sets of 12 pics. So, 12 of these pics are from me, 12 from Ben, 12 from Rick/Keon and 12 from Cal/Alex. I’m guessing Denny can figure out who chose each set.
Having said all that… HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow) DENNY! You’re one of our dearest friends and we hope tomorrow will be wonderful for you. We’re sure Dave will do everything he possibly can to make sure it’s a great day… and, hopefully, our Jeopardy buddy “James” will do his part. xoxo David and Ben