Dude. Dangerous curves ahead!

Our friend, “bw” commented on Rick and Keon’s “Ebony and Ivory” post, saying: “Maybe this is a post idea – dudes with curved cocks (when they are as big as most of these I guess a curve is more common than not).”
It’s a great idea. Our only “curved dick” post was way back in May of 2015, so it’s definitely time for another. BTW, our new friend “Alex” has a most interesting curve in his beautiful hispanic dick. And, yes. It’s a big one!
Thanks for the suggestion, bw.

On another subject, we haven’t heard from our dear friend “Jingle” since his last comment on December 2nd. Three days is WAY TOO LONG, babe. We’re hoping you got sidetracked with some excellent dirty sex, but PLEASE let us know you’re o.k.

Head-on junk!

Back on May 21, 2013 (before Ben, Dub and tons of other important stuff) I did a post titled “Head-on junk.” The idea came from our buddy, Anthony. Here’s what he said way back then: “How about a post of guys with their junk pointing to the camera? You know as if you’re the one on the floor looking at it.”
At the time, I responded, saying: “Well… I also love the idea… I mean, what’s better than being on your knees and lookin’ at a dude’s junk before you dive in for a good old suck session?”
So, this is a new edition of an old post idea that I especially enjoyed. You can find the original post by clicking on the “HEAD-ON” tag on the right side of the page.

Dicks ‘n Denim

With apologies to Lewis Carroll:
“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of dongs and dicks and denim – of cabbages and kings.”