“Dog” gets her new paw!

As you might expect, Dub took his job as Chairman of the “Paw committee” very seriously. He chose the committee members (3 students plus himself and one instructor), scheduled the meetings and took charge. They made prototypes and finally decided on one made of plastic (on a 3D printer), with a titanium ball joint. The first two were a bit “floppy,” but the third was perfect. Long story short, “Dog” now has her new paw and it’s working wonderfully. We got her a frisbee and she, Dub and Izzie have been playing in the back yard with it. For now, it’s just short tosses but “Dog” thinks it’s fun and we’re all amazed at her progress. It’s good that the paw project is nearing completion – in time for Dub to turn his attention to the garden. He’s definitely a busy little dude!