If one is good… maybe two is better?

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful (it got up to 65 degrees) – so, after working out, taking the dogs on a long, morning walk and doing our Saturday chores, we decided to ride our bikes over to Liberty for a lunch pig-out. We both LOVE Steak ‘n Shake – but rarely go there because we’re really dedicated to healthy eating. Anyway, we were having double steak burgers, fries and milk shakes when I got a call from our red-headed buddy, Ricky. He wanted to know if we had plans for the evening and I told him we didn’t – so he asked if it’d be o.k. if he and Keon dropped by. I told him “Sure,” and he said they’d be over about eight. After lunch, we rode up to Smithville Lake and had a great time enjoying the beautiful day. When we got home, we gave the dogs a bath and eventually had salads for dinner.
Rick and Keon got here about eight and we had some drinks and smoked a couple of joints. When we were all mellowed-out, Keon said, “Rick… you gonna ask ’em?” Ricky just sat there blushing for a while – then, said, “There’s something I want to ask you guys – but I’m afraid you might think it’s weird – and you’re our best friends – and I don’t want to mess that up.” Grinning, Keon said, “Rick wants to try gettin’ double-fucked – and we’re wondering if you guys would help us out with that. ” No one said anything for a while until David finally said, “Rick, Keon’s dick is huge. Are you sure you want to try adding another another dick with his?” Still blushing, Rick said, “Yeah. I really do. We’ve tried a dildo and Keon’s dick in my hole at the same time – but I wanta try the real thing.” So, after another round of drinks – and passing around another joint – that’s what we did. My dick is a bit smaller than David’s so Keon and I went first – and it was amazing – but I blew my load much too soon – just the way it felt having my dick rub against Keon’s. So I pulled out and David jumped in and he and Keon lasted until Ricky had cum all over the place. After we rested for a while, we did it again, and I lasted longer the second time. It’s always interesting what you’re willing to do for a friend – and Keon and Ricky are really good friends.