Well… Fuck!

We’d planned to do a post this week about our Labor Day weekend at the Lake… and we’ll do that one day before too long. We just got interrupted by more important things.
While we had a wonderful weekend at the Lake, we got increasingly concerned about Dub. On Saturday evening, we noticed he was holding his stomach and seemed to be very uncomfortable. We asked him about it and he said, “I’m o.k. Prolly just need to sit on the pot.” We woke up about four o’clock Sunday morning with Dub yelling “Dad…Dad”… and Buzz barking like crazy. Ben and I both rushed to his room and found him in terrible pain on the lower right side of his abdomen. Thinking it might be appendicitis, we quickly pulled on some clothes and called Keon on his mobile. He and Rick got to our cabin by the time we were loading Dub in the car to take him to Cox Medical Center in Branson. They said they’d follow us in their car – and phone the rest of the gang on the way.
We made it to the hospital in about 25 minutes with David violating just about every traffic law on the books. By the time we got to the emergency department, Dub said “Don’t worry. It’s stopped hurting now.” The emergency people were incredible. They quickly did a blood test and a CT scan and determined Dub did, indeed have appendicitis – and that his appendix had ruptured. They had him in surgery in a little over an hour after we arrived – and the surgery took a little over two hours. By the time they took him to “recovery” the waiting room (and hallway) were filled with the entire Northland gang.
Long story short. We were at the hospital in Branson until Tuesday afternoon and didn’t get home until Tuesday evening. He’s now being checked regularly at St. Lukes – North and is recovering really fast. We’ve even taken him (and Buzz and Bebe) on walks the last two days.
It was a stressful – and really scary – experience, and we’re just so happy it’s about over. We couldn’t possibly tell you how much we appreciate the amazing Doctors and staff at the hospital – and all they did for Dub. There’s also no way to adequately express our thanks to our amazing friends.

Our last post featured “Zane” from Spunkworthy and he was apparently an instant “hit” with you guys – as he was with Ben and me. Pic #11 (showing just his ass), in particular, seemed to create a lot of excitement (it’s pic #1 here). As I commented, it’s been my screen wallpaper ever since we did the post. Anyway, that got us thinking about ass photo posts… and we haven’t done one in quite a while… so here you go! We realize “Jingle” won’t much like this because all these pics are “faceless”… but, hey, babe, you can’t have everything 🙂