It’s a boy!

Our attorney called on Tuesday to tell us our final adoption hearing was scheduled for 10:00 a.m. today. We were surprised it was happening so fast – but delighted.
This morning, David, Dub, our attorney and I assembled in the judge’s chambers. The case worker who had visited us at home was also there. The hearing was informal and the judge was cool. After introducing himself, he told us he thought we made a “handsome family” and read the proposed decree. Then, the social worker reviewed her report in a dry and factual way. It was short and very positive. Next, the judge read Dub’s grandparents’ sworn statements about why they thought we provided the best possible home for him. Then our attorney showed the video of Angie saying how much she loves Dub and how happy she is that he’s in “the perfect home.”
After that, the judge asked David and me if we were aware of the responsibilities associated with the adoption and asked if we were fully prepared to care for Dub in every way. We assured him we were.
Then, the judge asked Dub if he likes his home. Dub grinned and told him he had “just about the best home in the world.”
The judge asked, “What’s the best thing about it?”
Dub thought for a few seconds and said, “I like how my dads and me always do stuff together.”
The judge asked “What kind of ‘stuff’ is that?”
Dub said, “Well, we walk the dogs every day – even if it’s real cold or snowing – and we read every night at bedtime. We play soccer, and swim in the hot tub and sometimes we go fishing. I can catch crappie and take ’em off the hook by myself. And Dad is teaching me to cook on the grille. Sometimes we cook asparagus and that’s my favorite thing. We’re even growing some in the back yard, but we had to put a fence around it so the dogs won’t get into it.”
The judge kept nodding his head – and signed the decree of adoption. He asked if we wanted to have our pictures taken… so we did. And we were all smiling and the judge was smiling and it was over just like that.
This afternoon, David, Dub and I talked about adoption and what it means. Of course, he doesn’t really understand it, and he asked, “Now that I’m ‘dopted’, can we still walk the dogs? David laughed and told him “Nothing’s going to change Dub. It’s just that now we’re your “forever Dads.” And Dub said, “What about Mom?” David said, “She’s your forever Mom – just like always.” That seemed to work fine for him.
In a way, I can’t believe how long this has taken… and in another way, it’s all happened so fast. We’ll tell Angie all about the hearing when she calls tomorrow. I’m going to attach a sheet the Judge gave us after he signed the adoption decree. It’s called “What children need most.”
Wow. It’s official. We’re a “forever” family now!