The better to hear you with!

Back in December, 2015, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“Anthony mentioned (among other things) #47’s ears!! I’m still thinking a post focused on ears (pierced or not) could be fun…”
We did an “Ears” post then – and have been collecting pics ever since. Hope this little auditory adventure is a much fun for you as it is for us!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I talked with Ben yesterday evening and asked him if he’d do a post I could “tag-on” to. He said “Sure. Since you’re gonna be talking about Chance’s hearing, how about an ‘ears’ post’?” I told him that sounded appropriate 🙂
Here’s an update on Chance’s hearing. It’s been three weeks since his implant was turned on and his progress is amazing. We took him for a check-up with his medical team yesterday and they said everything “looks perfect.” We talked about his training with Roberta, Dub, Alex, Bella and me (and the Northland gang) and the lead-doctor said not to change a thing we’re doing.
Here’s an interesting thing: On Sunday night after we’d been over at Keon and Rick’s place for the Chiefs-Titans game (and fireworks afterwards) I went into his room and he was playing on his I-Pad… wearing his ear muffs. I said “Hey, bud. What’s going on with the muffs?” He took them off, then grinned and said “I really like that I can hear now, but sometimes there’s too many sounds. I like to shut them off for a little while.”
We mentioned that to his medical team and they said it was a normal reaction and not to be concerned about it. He’s a champ and we’re sure he’ll be fine!
On another subject, my Mum and Dad will be arriving back at KCI Saturday. We’ve skyped with them several times while they’ve been in Australia and they’ve really missed the kids and are looking forward to being home. They have been devastated about all the fire damage down there and are furious about the Prime Minister’s refusal to make policy changes to combat climate change. Mum says “he’s a greedy, ignorant asshole – just like Trump.” One things for sure about my Mum… she’s always happy to share her opinions 🙂

…the better to hear you with…

Jingle commented on our last post, saying “Awesome #8 (pic #1 here) is a return visitor!! His new Butterfly tattoo pretty much conceals his Stag’s Head!! As I’ve mentioned before, I dig his cute ears!!”
And that got me thinking about “ears” and I checked and saw we haven’t done a post about them since December, 2015. Hey, everyone has ’em… and some of ’em are really HOT. Hope these dudes awaken your auditory senses… and maybe some others as well 🙂

…hear no evil !

On Saturday, our best-bud, Jingle commented, saying:
“Anthony mentioned (among other things) #47’s ears!! I’m still thinking a post focused on ears (pierced or not) could be fun…”
Well… We’ve done “hands” and “nips” and “toes” and “eyes” and “lips” and “dicks” and “balls” and “assholes” and just about everything else… why not “ears”?
So, here you go, babe… a little auditory journey that we hope will get all your “senses” singing.