Pay attention, bitch. This is why you have a tongue!

Since it’s “beards week,” let’s check out some scruffy butt lickers!

Look, dude. Butt munchers!

Back on January 27th, our friend “Anthony” commented: “You know what would be a great post? Dudes licking some butt. Sounds good?” Well, Hell yeah, Anthony, licking some butt always sounds good. Some pretty hot ass-munchers here. Hope you like ’em. And, thanks for the request!

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into my friend “Kevin” on campus. He said, “Dude. wanta grab a beer?” I said, “Sure.” So we went to a local bar and found a table in the back. I said, “What’s up?” He flashed this silly grin and said, “Look. You can’t tell anyone about this. O.K?” I said, “I tell David everything.” He thought about that for a minute and said, “O.K. but no one except David.” And I said, O.K.”
He said, “You remember David’s friend, “Ethan?” And I said, “Of course.”
“Well, I called him – and went over to his house last Saturday,” he said. We talked a while and I told him I was straight – but I’d kinda been thinkin’ about sex with dudes. He said, “That’s not unusual. A lot of straight guys like sex with men. I’ve probably had sex with more “straights” than gays. Then he went to the ‘frig – got a bottle of Grey Goose out of the freezer – opened it – took a swig and handed it to me. I said, “You got any mixer?” He said, “You need it straight. Drink up.” So I did. I’d never drunk liquor straight before and I was really feelin’ it after 3 or 4 hits. That’s when he said, “Kevin, take your clothes off.” I was real nervous and didn’t know what to do – so I took another big hit on the vodka and stripped to my boxers and tee shirt. Ethan looked at me and said, “Kevin, I said: take your clothes off.” So I did. My dick was hard as
Hell. He went over to an end-table by his couch and took out a butt plug and a jar of lube. He asked, “Ever had anything up your ass?” I said, “Ummm just my finger.” He said “Bend over and put your hands on the couch.” I did and he lubed my hole. Then he reached over and picked my boxers up off the floor and stuffed ’em in my mouth. So, there I was, naked with my underwear stuffed in my mouth and my dick so fuckin’ hard – and he holds the unders in my mouth with one hand and shoves the butt plug in my ass with the other. I was fuckin’ screamin’ into my shorts – my ass hurt like Hell – and my dick was rainin’ pre-cum. So, he sat me in this straight-backed chair – blindfolded me with a bandana – and tied my hands behind my back – and my ankles to the chair legs – and I was thinkin’ “What tha fuck?”
That’s when I felt him start lickin’ the pre-cum off my dick and I just about blew. But he didn’t let me. He kept at it for what must have been a fuckin’ hour or more – touchin’ my dick – strokin’ it – lickin’ it – and every time I’d just about nut, he’d back off. Swear to God – I needed to cum so bad – my balls were aching and my dick hurt worse than my asshole. Finally, he took off the blindfold – pulled the shorts out of my mouth and said, “Good boy. Would you like to cum now?” I said, “Fuck, man. I’ve GOTTA cum now.” So he held up a drink glass – wrapped his hand around my dick – and – jerked my load into it. I blew the biggest load of my life into that glass. I swear, it was half full – and he smiled and said, “Here’s the mixer you wanted.” Then he poured a shot of vodka in the glass with my cum – untied my hands – handed it to me and said “bottoms up.”
“What did you do?” I asked. He said, “Hell, man. What do you think I did? I drank it.” We sat in silence for a minute or two – drinking our beers – then he grinned and said, “I still have the butt plug in my hole.”
“You’re shittin’ me.” I said. “Nope. I’m gettin’ to where I like it.”
“You glad you did it?” I asked. He thought for a few seconds and finally shrugged and said, “Guess so. I mean, I’m still not gay – but Ethan and I are gettin’ together again tomorrow night.”
Figure that out. I think I need to talk with David about this.