It’s a “Friends Friday” Ebony and Ivory splash!

Hi, guys. It’s Keon. It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Friends Friday” post, but last week, Brad commented, “…when is Keon going to do another post? As I recall his were awesome as well!).”
And Denny said, “… it’s just as cool with me if you wanna switch it up now and then with a post of sizzlin’ black dudes, and/or some super hot gingers!!!”
Then, “Alex” said, “Just know there are tons of people
who may not comment (like me) that look forward to your posts.”
So, I thought I’d get my butt in gear and put something together. You all know that I’m black – and Rick’s a redhead – which makes us kind of a different couple. That’s what I was thinking about when I did this “Ebony and Ivory” post. I think it’s our diversity that makes us interesting (and fun)… and hope you like these pics!

David, Ben, Dub and Austin spent the 4th of July in Springfield with the grandparents – then went on to Tablerock lake for the rest of the week. They’ll be home on Sunday. Rick and I have been staying here at the house taking care of the dogs and the garden (we had very specific instructions from Dub about how everything should be done). We’ll be interested to hear about their trip and how things went with Austin.
Stay cool.
Keon (and Rick)

Ebony and Ivory – 2

Our friend, “bw” commented this morning about our “Dangerous curves ahead” post, saying:
“BTW – No 35 & 42 is a new kid on the porn scene – Manny. He’s only about 5-6, but well hung and all his body fur is still there. He’s a ‘power bottom’and comes like a donkey, and I think he’s just beautiful – that smile just melts my old cold heart.”
So we did a little on-line research and found a bunch of pics of Manny – then some of him being fucked raw by Landon – and we thought they were amazing. So, here’s bw’s cute little power bottom having sex with one of the hottest black boys we’ve seen in a while! Thanks for bringing Manny to our attention, bw.

Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday Ebony and Ivory” blast!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Last week Keon and I put together a post that matched up “cartoon” pics with “real” pics – and had a lot of fun doing it. So, this week I thought maybe we’d match up some similar pics of black dudes and white dudes. It proved to be about as big a challenge as last week. I mean, we’re an “ebony and ivory” couple and we think both races are equally hot. We hope you have as much fun with these as we’ve had putting the post together!