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Last Friday, Silas came to school with exciting news. He said Dante’s father had called and told them he’d bought them a wedding gift. Silas said they thought he was probably trying to make up for having been such a jerk-wad when he first learned they were getting married. Anyway, it’s 12 acres of land on top of the highest peak in our area. On Saturday, Dante, Silas, Ben, Jim, Alex, Nathan and I went to have a look. It’s heavily wooded, undeveloped and has the most spectacular view of Table Rock lake you could imagine. There’s no lake access but the property is less than a half mile from our “queers nest.”
It’s an exciting, remote location for a home and the guys are really excited about it. At Jim’s suggestion, the first thing they’re going to do is try drilling a water well. If they find good, potable water they plan to get with Alex and the architect who designed Ty and Damien’s home to get a home building project underway. Nathan and his guys will do the building, of course… and Alex will assist with the design and handle the decorating.
We’re excited for Silas and Dante and, as Ben says, “You can never have enough good neighbors” 🙂

We like our dudes naked from head to toe!

Well… we were disappointed about the Super Bowl, but we had a wonderful afternoon/evening in the Koala Cove clubhouse with our families and friends. We did a Zoom with the grandparents on the big screen t.v. and it was great. They’ve all received the first of their Covid shots – with the second ones scheduled before the end of the month. We’re hoping that means maybe we can all get together sometime this summer.
While we were watching the game, Dub looked at me and said “If the line can’t protect him, Patrick can’t win the game for us.” He was right 🙂

Check it out, dude. “Beards ‘n bones”!

It’s Alex. I asked David and Ben to do a post I could “tag-on” and boom! here it is.
I want to tell you about our new project. A couple of months ago, Nathan told us about an 80 acre property – not far from Koala Cove – that has been sitting vacant for a long time. Apparently it was once a berry farm and the owner died about two years ago without leaving a will. It’s been sitting in probate and never listed for sale. Obviously we aren’t interested in being “berry farmers” but it fronts on Table Rock lake – and even has a (RARE) boat dock permit. So… we’ve bought it and the engineering work is underway. Denise, Nathan and I will be equal partners as we are at Koala Cove. It’s a huge undertaking for us but we’re really excited about it. We’ll devote 15 acres to a lakeside luxury townhouse project and are hoping to build 6 units per acre. 90 units is a lot, but the market is strong and we won’t feel pressed for time. We’ve listed the other 65 acres and hope to sell it – perhaps to an ambitious berry farmer? David and Ben made us promise not to tell Dub the property was once a berry farm. They think with his love of growing stuff, he’d probably want to become a berry farmer himself 🙂
We haven’t named the project yet, but we’ve been thinking about “things Australian”. You know, Kangaroos and Kookaburras and the like. We’ll need the name before too long so we can file the plat and other documents. Any suggestions?
Anyway, we’ve all been thinking about our friend “bw” and praying for his complete recovery from Covid in the near future. xoxo Alex and Cal